Monday, 13 June 2011

Lush and other drugs...


I am addicted to Lush. I cannot go into that shop without buying something, and when I go in for something specific, I cannot only buy that. Today I went in to pick up a second tub of the Marilyn Hair mask and ended with a face mask too!

Seeing as I'm not going to be able to wash my hair at the festival I wanted to give it some TLC before I go! The Marilyn hair mask is amazing for us blondes, especially if you dye your hair. It really lightens up your roots and dye and gives you a bit longer before you have to get it re-done. It also smells amazing - like bananas - and keeps your hair feeling soft and lovely. The only con for this product it is slightly hard to use as it is sooo runny and slops about the place! You apply it to dry hair and leave it for 20 minutes before washing. It cost around £7.90 and I reckon I will get 4 applications with my shoulder length but hellishly thick hair!

The face mask I got was cosmetic warrior which claims to be a ‘superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt and calm and soothe all troubled skins’. In a mad attempt to have beautiful skin for next week so that minimal makeup can be worn at the festival I had high hopes for this. I have used it once, on Saturday, and it does seem to have helped somewhat! I plan on using it again tonight. The picture shows one use so I think I will get a fair few uses out of this and it was around £5.50. The consistency is almost porridge-y and after you half left it for a while it seeps into your skin and only the lumpy bits remain leaving you looking slightly like a messy toddler at breakfast time but I quite liked it! When washing off there is no tight feeling that I know a lot of people don't like but it does leave your skin feeling quite dry which makes me think it wouldn't be the best thing to use if your skin is already a bit dry. A further word of warning, before purchasing give this product a whiff because unlike any other Lush product, this stuff reeks and is definitely not one for the faint hearted!

I'm also getting a spray tan tomorrow as I am as pale as milk and this does not sit well with me wearing shorts! Obviously need a good scrub tonight to ensure the best results and my ABSOLUTE favourite exfoliator for this sort of thing is Soap and Glory's Flake Away.

This stuff is amazing! It's a super fine sugar scrub that leaves your skin amazingly soft and it feels lovely to rub in - really feels like you're doing something good for your skin! It is possibly a bit rough for every day use but fine for a weekly scrub down! I will also be using some of Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter. This stuff is also amazing, I generally can't praise Soap and Glory products enough but this one really is such a nice thickness and leaves your skin feeling fabulous! I'm not sure how much these are but I'm pretty sure they will be around the ten pound mark, definitely worth it though as they last for ages. Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on all Soap and Glory products at the moment also.

So, that's my plan for getting myself all prepared for my little trip and the festival, I will probably inform you of my traumas attempting to pack everything I need for a week into a cabin luggage bag tomorrow!

Ash xxx

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