Monday, 27 June 2011


Hiya lovies,

I'm back! I have a festival post planned but don't have time for it today sadly! Until then I want to announce that my love affair with O.P.I. has started.

I had never really looked at O.P.I. before and was a bit annoyed with them really for introducing the whole 'crackle effect' nail varnish stuff.  Sorry, NOT a fan!

But, my good pal got me a varnish for my birthday and O.P.I. are officially back in my good books!

Here is the beautiful 'Show it and Glow it' - how pretty??!?!?!!!

The glitter in this polish is absolutely amazing. I'm not a huuuuge fan of glitter polishes because I tend to be disappointed and I'm sure everyone is aware how annoying they are to remove. Whilst removing this polish is still difficult, the pure density of the glitter makes up for it! 

One layer is perfect over a dark colour to just add a bit of sparkle but 2 layers gives you this beautiful (and annoying to photograph) glitterball effect.

Love, love, love!!!!

Ash xx

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