Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ring finger Manicure

Hi Sweeties, so..ever since I saw the "Ring finger manicure" erm..somewhere (cannot for the life of me remember where I first saw this, sorry) I have wanted to try it! After deliberating over colours for what felt like approximately half my life, I have finally had a go!!!

I know, I know, red and green should never be seen or is it blue and green !? Well anyway, I was trying to use THE most clashing colours ever to start with but i'm not sure i'm a fan tbh, although I might try rocking this look at Christmas.

After my first, somewhat hideous attempt, I decided to try a more subtle version, keeping the nails the same colour but adding a little bit of sparkle to my ring finger! It's such simple way to "jazz" up plain nails and I actually think this looks quite cute.

There are so many diff ways to do this manicure, the options are literally endless, well..depending on how brave you're feeling. On a final note, I've just been having a cheeky Google and it turns out, this manicure has been gaining popularity super quickly in New York, Miami and London, thus meaning I am super cool and on trend woo woo! 

Love Rox xxx

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