Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sometimes I wish I was Mary Poppins...


So first and foremost the title of the this post is a complete lie. I wish I was Mary Poppins ALL the time; the woman could fly using an umbrella! The only time that happens to me is when then wind is too strong and it usually results in me hopping along as if I'm losing tug of war, my brolly turning inside out and possibly, if I'm lucky, me falling over.

Anyway, the reason I wish I was she tonight is because her bag could fit a whole standing lamp in, amongst other things, and would still be fine for cabin luggage! (Also, it was a carpet bag and man, I LOVE those.) Anyway, to the point of this post- PACKING. I bloody hate it. Packing enough for a week of currently indeterminable weather into one 50cm x 40cm x 20cm bag is not fun. 

So here is how I got on!

My very fashionable bag filled with clothes. I will try my best to get some half decent pictures while I am away and can post festival outfits then, so I won't bore you with details now!

Make-up wise I have had to pack quite a lot. We plan to go on a night out, then there will be normal day time make up, festival day time make-up, additional make-up for if and when I tan and so on and so forth! Here is my make-up bag all full to the brim - ooops - and everything which it is filled with! 

I love this bag. I got it from Boots at Christmas. It was labelled as a toiletries bag but I don't know anyone who would fit full size shampoos and things in here! It is amazing though, and can fit loads of bulky make-up items in!

Obviously a lot of these can't go into my actual make up bag as they have to go in the wee see through bag (Mary Poppins never had these issues; her medicines could float about in her bag willy nilly.) Absolute trauma trying to fit everything in but I eventually managed!! 

After that, it's just the final essentials! Passport, tickets, facewipes, purse, phone, ipod etc.! I am also taking some of Lush's 'Toothy Tabs' to try out from their 'Dirty' range. I thought they would be perfect for festivals so a review of those will be coming up when I'm back!

Wish me luck and good weather!!

Ash xx

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