Monday, 13 June 2011

Who Posts in a Blog like this?


As a less essay-ish way of letting people know a bit about us we have both answered 10 pretty life changing questions about ourselves...

(Please note, I say less essayish but I babble and so some of my answers are slightly lengthy)

How old are you? 
Rox: 23, gosh I am getting old,
Ash: 23 also, woe!

Where are you from/where do you live?
Rox: I am from the lovely Leeds but I have lived in London for the last 2 years-I’m a total traitor to the north
Ash: I am from the even lovelier Bradford but have barely lived there. I too am a traitor as I now live on the wrong side of the Penines in Manchester.

What Make up could you not live without
Rox: Definitely mascara! I can’t live without it, Ash thinks I spend too much time putting it on but I just can’t get enough of it!!
Ash: She definitely does spend forever applying it - madness! I am going to take foundation out of the equation, as a future lawyer I'm pretty sure foundation is one of my basic human rights. So... I'm still going to have two (quickly becoming obvious who the rebel in this blogging partnership is...) for daytime I would say lippy and for night time I would say mascara(or falsies - usually both)

What is your favourite make up brand?
Rox: has to be MAC, I am totally in love with their foundation, their eye shadows are amazing and I just  love the stores (hate having to queue to get in though)
Ash: This is hard because I like different places for different things! Although I don’t own that much MAC, I adore the bits I have so maybe MAC (Although I disagree with Rox about loving their stores, the lighting is always so mental in there!)I do think that their eyeshadows, while lovely, are no more pigmented that Sleek ones or even MUA ones and the MAC mascara I have used was terrible so… swings and roundabouts!
Rox: That's true about the lighting, last week they colour matched me two shades lighter because it was so bright in there..nightmare..annnnyway, I mean how nicely everything is set out and how you there are specific sections for you to go in depending on what you want, with people in each section to help you!

What is your favourite beauty product?
Rox: No7 face wipes, I know they are £7.50 (£7 up north) but they are amazing!!! They make your skin super soft and I can’t not have them now. Plus, if you use one of the boots £5 off vouchers, you can get them for £2.50- bargainous!
Ash: Sudocrem. 'Nuf said. Also, No.7 vouchers are available now!!

What is your favourite clothes shop?
Rox: New look mixed with ASOS. Does ASOS count as a clothes shop???
Ash: This changes from season to season but at the moment H&M is my heaven.

What is your best beauty tip?
Rox:’s taken forever for me to think of this one! And I don’t even think this can be counted as a tip and you all probably do this anyway, but when doing your makeup, put your foundation on last just in case you get powder on your cheeks, that way you can just use a face wipe to get rid of any fall out without ruining half of your foundation.
Ash: I have two (flouting the rules again). 1) Always rub your moisturiser up your neck and face – I literally have no idea whether this actually does anything or not but I will be damned if I start rubbing different ways and go all saggy. I have a fear that my face will be saggy and jowly when I get old(er). As you will see from my daily make up post I will be posting tonight, I have admirably volumous cheeks. I hope my forceful upwards moisturising keeps them adjacent to my nose and not underneath my chin! 2) Finish every shower with cold water for as long as you can handle. Not luke warm, not a bit nippy but the coldest setting. I used to just do this for my hair (as it’s supposed to make it look shinier) and face (to close my pores) but a friend who may or may not read this blog informed me that it’s good for keeping the old chest area where it should be too, again, no idea if this is true or not but now I have been informed I shan’t be stopping! I also like to splash cold water after I wash my face generally for pore closing purposes.
What is your favourite perfume?
Rox: At the moment I am obsessed with Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne- although the bottle is so irritating and makes me want to scream every time I use it.
Ash: This changes all the time as I am a perfume whore but at the moment I am loving Nina Ricci 'Lucky Day' during the day and Givenchy 'Hot Couture' for the night. My all time favourite is probably Valentino V which I have a huge half full bottle of at home but the doo-dah at the top, the sprayer thingy is broken – heartbroken – if anyone knows how I can fix it I would LOVE to know!

What is your favourite colour?
Rox: Pink pink PINK!!!! I have a pink iPhone, a pink laptop, I am obsessed!
Ash: Greeeeen! The only reason my font colour isn't green is because there wasn't a green which went with the blog scheme - woe.

3 random facts about yourself

  1. I have a bit of a shoe addiction and have 17 pairs of platform heels with me in London (I have more shoes up north)..someone take my bank card away..PLEASE!
  2. I went to boarding school and was made head girl of the houses…despite nearly being kicked out 2 months before.
  3. My family lived in Germany for 10 years, I was there for 4 years…I still can’t speak German.
  1. My pinkie fingers bend inwards and I have joints I wouldn't wish on anyone!
  2. I actually hate being called Ash by certain people, these certain people change practically daily as per my own whim
  3. I have a poem published somewhere out there in a book called something like 'Poems for Children by Children.' I wrote it when I was about 8 and it was about being scared of the dark. I am not now, nor have I ever been, scared of the dark – that’s just how talented I am poetically….
So, we hope you feel like you know us a little better now. We can't wait to get posting properly and have some fun posts lined up including hauls, reviews, tips, make up looks, outfit looks and loads more!

Rox and Ash xxx


Stacey said...

I am going to enjoy this blogging-ness girls! Looking forward too more. Stace x

Rox and Ash said...

Thank you Stace, we are super excited to be doing it!! Rox and Ash xx

cornflakegirl said...

This sounds like my kinda blog girls.

Rox and Ash said...

Awww thank you!! xx