Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ash Attempts: Nail Marbling!


I decided I would try my hand at the nail marbling craze that seems to be going round, or maybe it has been for ages and I have only just cottoned on. Now a small disclaimer - if you are expecting anything professional looking - you have definitely come to the wrong place - I tried my hardest's bloody harder than it looks!

I used false nails as - much as I love the fun factor of these nails, I'm not sure I could get away with them in the office! I also thought it might be easier.

So, yea.... I got a bit carried away. At first it was due to my refusal to be beaten and then I just got a bit cocky, though when I looked back at the dried results I wasn't too sure why! I tried to put them in some semblance of an order in the above picture but it's not perfect.

As you can see - they all worked generally, but not all of them produced particuularly stunning results!

Just in case you're not sure how to go about marbling, here's how I did it

Find a suitable glass -  I first used a bowl but these don't work as well, I'm guessing it's due to the circumference, so I settled on using a pint glass but I'd go as far as to suggest using a smaller cup if you can - a polystyrene cup would be perfect.

Prepare to make a mess - I put an old pillow case down just in case and I'm really glad I did, I got a bit frazzled at times and some of my varnishes fell over and spilt - probably down to my own clumsyness but you can never be too careful! Plus, even though I was using fake nails, my hands still ended up like this: -

Get your nail ready - If you are planning to use fake nails like I did, get some masking tape and stick them to some sort of stick (I used a pencil). If you are using your own nails, cover your surrounding finger in masking tape to prevent getting covered!

Create your 'bullseye' - Chose your colours and just let a drop of nail varnish fall from the brush onto the surface of the water. Don't let it drop from too high as it then tends to sink and although it comes back up - it doesn't work as well. Repeat this step with the other colours in whatever order you like until you're happy with your bullseye. I didn't notice any varnishes not working particularly, though if the water needs changing some were a lot more difficult to work with.

This is using a Models Own barbie pink, as used in my matte 'caggie' nails here, and two Barry M polishes - I can't remember their names at the minute but at a guess I'd go for Neon Green and Betty Blues.

Create your pattern - This is the tricky bit. I used a sharp pencil to drag the bullseye from the outside in to the middle. You need to be careful not to go to deep to drag too strongly as it won't work properly. You also have to do this pretty quickly as you don't want the nail varnish to dry. I stupidly forgot to take a picture of this stage!

Dip in your nail - Obviously mine is attached to a pencil here. You need to dip it in evenlyand go as far into the water as you want. Then take your other pencil and swish it around the remaining nail varnish to get rid of it.

Pull your nail out....and admire - I was super lucky with this as I decided to take pics and this one actually turned out really well! The nails dry really quickly so you can remove it from the pencil almost immediately and leave it to completely dry while you get on with doing some more!
This is the bottom right nail on the larger picture

If you're interested in any of the colour combinations just ask in the comments!

So, would you try marbling? Would you wear the finished product?

Love love!

Ash xx

Friday, 22 July 2011

Ooops, I did it again...


I am going to attempt to implement a spending ban next month, there's nothing I really need, other than perhaps a new mascara which I can nip and get before August - who is with me? No Shopping August.... daunting! 

As it stands, it's July, and my ban has yet to be implemented!

I got these two from River Island in the sale! I stupidly bought them 2/3 sizes too big but it doesn't matter so much as the skirt has a elasticated waist and the top looks fine baggy. The skirt is that sort of really thick felt like material and I love the colour, it comes just past mid thigh on me when I wear it at my waist which is a nice length I feel. I love the 60's style too, could become a new fave, and it as only £7!! 

The top was £10 and it caught my attention because of the sleeves. This is a close up of the back of the top and as you can see it's sort of cape sleeves for want of a better description! They are only attached at the shoulders and have really pretty cut out detail. Such a different top, I really liked it. 

Next I went into Primarni (see it's not bad if everything you buy is under a bargain) and picked up a good few bits.

The first top is actually gorgeous, it's a satin-ny type of material and has a big pocket, I mostly like it because it's 2 sizes smaller than I usually wear and still fits fine - excellent choice to cheer me out of a fat day! It's super comfortable and one of those tops that can be dressed up or down. It was £10.

The next dress is probably supposed to be a top but I am only 5 foot so it's long enough to wear as a short day dress on me! I really like it, I think it looks very Urban Outfitters and the design is really different. Here's a closer look. >>>>
Little foxes! Random I know. I love the lace peter pan collar on this and it's a really easy dress to just chuck on! It was only £6!!
I actually wore this dress on Sunday with the camel leggings (which were £3!) and it made for a super cute outfit! The leggings are actually a lot lighter than the picture shows, probably just my camera making them look a bit brown! They are more like the colour of the fox on the dress.

I am a huuuge believer that a girl can never have enough bags or shoes or jewellery or  ..... the list goes on! I am always drawn to primark bags because I like being able to keep up with fashion without killing my bank balance. I loved this bag at first sight. It was just a bit different and I loved the colours. I did spend a good few minutes thinking I had bought a faulty one as I couldn't get the fastener to twist open before I realised it was fake and it had a magnetic popper type fastening - oops! I think this was only £3 and I'm so pleased, it's actually a really good size too plenty of room for a full purse which is ace for me as I hate taking cards etc out separately.

Recently, I heard that a lot of shops have started only stocking a couple of pairs of my size shoe in each style. I'm not sure if it's true or not but I have notice that it's getting more difficult to find shoes in my size in places like New Look and River Island. This makes me sad. Primark is not one of these shops and I tried to stay away I really did but these were a mere £6 in the sale and they are sooo cute. I actually didn't own a paid of wedges (*gasp*) before hand so I felt a nice pair would be a necessary addition to my wardrobe. They are also really comfortable to wear so a big thumbs up from me!

The earrings were about 2 pounds and I just thought they were a bit different, as with all earrings I will probably break/lose them soon so I don't like to pay too much for them! 

I also picked up some tights (3 pairs for £2.50 - winner) and some socks (5 pairs for £2 I think it was - double winner) and some bobby pins for a pound as I can never find them when I want one. No pictures of them as they are a bit boring!

I got a cuticle pusher and some hair dye as my roots were getting atrocious and the Lush 'Volcano' I reviewed the other day! All in all a good shopping trip I'd say! And to think, I only went in to chat to the bank...

Love love, Ashliegh

Roll on the weekend..

Hi loves, 

I literally cannot wait for this weekend, there is SO much to look forward to. For starters, I am going to visit the lovely Ash in Manchester woo woo and we have lots of exciting things planned. 1 hour to go until I can officially leave work.

We are going shopping (for our giveaway competition prizes among other things) and we were lucky enough to get appointments with Dior on Saturday, so expect a blog post on that next week!! I am so excited, Ash has a day makeup appointment and I have an evening makeup fun! 

Then..we are going to have a fish pedicure..cue mild panic. Now..I am all for trying new things, however, I am ridiculously ticklish, i'm not a particular fan of fish and to say I can't stand feet is a massive understatement! So..we will see what happens. We also have dinner and drinks with the girls

I definitely need cheering up, I am very..VERY hungover at work today, not a good look. I had my team night out last night and we went Champagne and wine tasting, followed by a lovely dinner and cocktails at a Michelin star restaurant (Hakasan)...all paid for on the company credit card (thank god, the bill at the restaurant alone came to £400 for four of us!!)
Anyway, I hope you all have fabulous weekends, I would like today to end now please so that I can go and party it up in Manchester..thanks 

Love Rox xxx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Best Day....Ever?

Hiya Hiya Hiya,

We are very very exciting - today is a very good day!

First of all - Me and my workmate got our first graze boxes - lookie here - and it was AMAZING, and free!!!! I'm sure you all know about them by now but if you would like to try one free use my lil code on your first order - gets you one free and one half price. It also gets me either a pound off of my next one or a pound to donate to the graze school of farming in Uganda. I think I will donate mine, so if you trying out some free food and donating to charity click here and use this code HCBBYHX3!!

In my box I got a west country chedder, red onion and chutney focaccia which was delish and a honey comb flapjack which was also lovely. I also got 'the firecracker' which included korean chilli rice crackers, spicy peanuts and salsa corn sticks which was right up my spicy alley! Finally I got copacabana which included brazil nuts, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons - there was chocolate in that one so obvs I loved it!!! I would really recommend these, they came at about half ten, just when you start getting peckish and we think you could order one and have it last most of the week! I definitely need to get a bit less afraid of dried fruit though as a lot of my workmate's looked delish also!

Next up - the exciting news that people's Glossy Boxes have started to arrive and people seem to be more impressed this month. Obvs I am at work so I don't know if mine has arrived and Rox is the same - going mental. She told me people had got theirs and I lasted about 3 seconds not looking until I gave in - the stuff looks ace but I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who wants a suprise!

FINALLY, last but by no means least, the gorgeous Ellie from Miss E Blog gave us the sweetest blog award!

Pass this on to 15 great bloggers and Tell us these 3 things about yourself;

My Favourite Color: Rox: Pink - obvs. Ash: Green!!

My Favourite Food: RoxChicken and sweetcorn soup - I know it's totally boring but I love it - or maybe sushi.... Ash: Indian, hot spicy curries all the way. My Order is a hot keema madras with pilau/boiled rice and a chappatti please!

My Favourite Place to Visit:  Rox: Greece - I will one day have a holiday home there, and wherever my bezzies are. Ash: Ahhh I have no idea! I love visitting London. I loved Russia too but I've only been once and I feel like visiting suggests I pop over all the time!

Yay for this fab day =) !!!!! xxxx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

17 Falsifeye False Lash Effect Mascara Review

I go through Mascara at what feels like the speed of light and so I am always on the look out for a new one to try. 17 recently released the Falsifeye False Lash Effect Mascara and I just HAD to try it. The mascara is priced at £6.49 and for a limited period you get a free gift of a Black gel eyeliner!! 

This Mascara is AMAZING! I initially thought the brush looked too big, until I used it that is. The brush is fantastic at coating all my eyelashes. After one coat my eyelashes already looked longer and thicker. I was so surprised with the final result, I honestly cannot praise this mascara enough, I love it!!  

The Gel eyeliner is also a great product and has real staying power, hours after applying it is still visible, despite having rubbed my itchy hayfevery eyes. 
If you are looking to buy a new mascara, I definitely recommend this one!!

Also whilst in Leeds, I pulled up to the beauty salon with my mum, stepped out of the car and saw this, a car with eyelashes hah, only in the North! 
Love Rox xx

Confessions of a shopaholic..

Please please please can someone take my bank card away from me. I went home to Leeds this weekend and nipped into town to pick up a new mascara (17 Falsifeye False Lash Effect - review coming soon), apparently I have no self control.'s a well known fact that I love to shop, in fact, I recently had to get a new bank card as, according to NatWest, I had "worn the chip down through overuse". Erm..embarrassing? Yes...lesson learnt? Apparently not. 

In addition to my new mascara, I came home with: A necklace, 2 flower hair clips, a pack of bobbles, 2 Barry M nail varnishes, a ring, an eyebrow pencil, Clean and Clear toner and 5 bath products from Lush..Clearly I need help. In my defence, there were several offers on and I even got a few things from technically I saved money..(RoxyLogic at it's best hah!)
 Love love, Rox xxx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lush 'Volcano' - TLC for the feet


I just wanted to do a quick post on Lush's 'Volcano' foot scrub and mask. I bought this product this weekend and I already LOVE it.

For starters, I am in no way a foot person. My feet are very, very rarely bare. I just hate them and feel uncomfortable at the thought of other people looking at them (I also have a strange complex about them looking big (despite only wearing a size 3 shoe) and I always think they look smaller in socks!). This means that my feet tend to go unloved and unpampered - woe for them.

photo taken from Lush website
The lovely lady at lush talked me into trying this mask and scrub and she said it was one of her favourite products! (Yea, I'll admit it, it didn't take much persuasion, anything for Lush!). It did come as part of a set called 'Happy Feet' which included a citrus stepping stone foot scrub, which the Lady told me was a pumice stone and also contained moisturising oils, a Fair Trade Foot Lotion and the Volcano Mask and Scrub. The Lotion smelt just like after eights and was really nice to have a minty smell that didn't overpower. The set is all wrapped in a knot bag which is super cute, the Lady called it a headscarf though I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off! It cost £10.95

I ended up just buying the volcano as I already had some Lotion and Pumice stones send chills down my spine! It was £5.50 for the mask on it's own so I would say it's definitely worth splashing out for the set if you're really wanting to pamper your feet!

I forgot to take a picture of the Scrub before I used it but this is after one quick generous use. I can see myself getting at least another 4 uses out of it, so I think it's priced quite decently. It has a definite smell of potato skins which I found oddly reassuring - a nice earthy smell will surely make me foot model material....!

Lush say 'Vocano' is a "Deep cleansing, deoderising, skin softening treatment for toes, soles and heels" and advise that once you've covered your feet you should "wrap them in plastic bags or film". So here I am, wrapped in biodegradable bin bags as I couldn't find any cling film

Sexy, I know.

I was dying my hair at the time so I did leave the mask on for about 20 minutes before I went up to shower. When it was time to take it off, I wet the scrub a bit and rubbed it into my soles, which went surprisingly well for a hellishly ticklish person like me! I then went about my Shower as per the norm. 

My feet felt lovely afterwards, definitely a noticeable difference, I'm hoping they'll like me again now - though maybe not for long as this weekend Rox is coming to see me and we are off to Appy Feet to get what I believe is called a fish manicure. Both of us are slightly dreading it!

Overall, I would give this product a 9/10, my only con being that you have to sit still for ten minutes whilst it's on, but if you are having a bit of a girly day then this isn't much of a problem!!!

Love Love

Ash xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Lip Loves and Lip Lusts!


So I nipped into Boots to search for nail foil/wrap things and ended up with this instead.

 Rimmel's new Vinyl Max lipgloss in 'Dazzle' - isn't it gorgeous? It claims to be a 'one stroke maxi shine lipgloss' and I have to admit, I was drawn in by the pretty packaging!
 The applicator is HUGE! I only have a little top lip and it works just fine on me but I'm sure Rox and her full lips will appreciate the largeness more than I do. Perhaps the size of the applicator is related to the 'one stroke' -ness of it all?
 It's a super pretty colour and really glossy and shimmery and I thought it would look great over my new E.L.F. lippy (swatched here). 
It is a plumping lipgloss but it barely tingles at all which I imagine many people will like. I noticed a slight plumping effect though that could be down to the high shine of the product.
Best of all, this lip gloss isn't sticky at all, it's one of those nice slick feeling ones that make you want to rub your lips together constantly and perhaps pull a few pouty poses when no-one is looking.
This was on a £2 off introductory offer in Boots and cost £3.49.

I also have a gander at Barry M's new Lip Laquer Crayons and I am in definite lust! I love lip crayons, they are soo easy to apply and they just look fun.

I swatched 3 on my hand to take away and decide which I liked best. (Photo taken on phone, please excuse yellow looking hand, I am not jaundiced don't fret)

Left to right: 'Mandarin' (Much more orangey in person), 'Ballet Pink', and 'Party Pink'

These had a really nice consistency and texture and this is the colour pay off after a quick swatch with barely any pressure applied - really impressive. You can always count of Barry M for amazing pigmentation!

I love them all!!!! I think 'Party Pink' is amazingly pretty and would make a FABULOUS statement lip but am I bold enough to pull it off? 
This pink, 'Candyfloss', wasn't in the shop I was in but I think I would probably be most likely to purchase this colour which is less daring but equally as pretty as 'Party Pink'. The final colour in the range is 'Cherry Red' and while it's not particularly me, I can think of a certain ex-housemate of mine who would drool over this bombshell shade!

So, I need help!!! Should I be brave or should I be cautious?! 

Love love,
Ash xxx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Matte 'Caggie' Summer Rainbow Nails


We will see how long Rox let's me get away with this title! Hehe, she's not the biggest fan of MiC star sadly!

Anywho, I have been dying to buy a matte top coat for ages and to be honest, I don't really know what stopped me! I finally picked one up today in boots. They only had two in the entire make-up section at the Boots near my work so I opted for 17 Nail Xtras which cost £3.99 - bargain!

I also thought it would be fun to pick my top summer nail colours and so combining the two seemed like a good idea.  I don't actually own that many nail varnishes and those which I do have tend to be quite deep wintery colours, I found myself wishing I had a lemon coloured polish for this! Anywho, these are the colours I managed to find after a rummage!

Excuse the state of my nail polish lids, I'm a messy polisher, its my dirty little secret.

From left to right: Miners 'Moroccan Mint', Miners 'Laguna Love', Models Own 'Pink Blush' (£5), Natural Collection 'Antique Coral' (£1.89) and Models Own 'Jade Stone' (£5).

The two Miners varnishes I won in Glamour's May Beauty Giveaway. While I adore the colours in the bottle, they are really not good nail varnishes. I had to use 4 coats of the Lilac colour to get a decent colour pay off - disappointing. The Models Own Nail Varnishes are amazing as always, I would say that the green colour needs 2 coats as the first tends to be a bit streaky but after the second it is perfect! The pink is just the perfect barbie pink in my opinion! I love Models Own nail varnishes and there is ALWAYS some sort of offer on in Boots. Finally, the Natural Collection polish is amazing for the money, they are currently on 3 for £5 in Boots and if they are all as good quality as this I think I'm going to need the entire range!

Anyway, here are my matte nails in all their glory! I LOVE THEM! They look chalky almost and such pretty ice cream-y colours! The matte polish is brilliant. You only need one quick coat and your nails are gloss free! It dries super quickly which is always a plus for me as I am super impatient and it leaves your nails feeling really nice and soft! I am in love with it and can't wait to try it on different colours. I might even give in to the ring finger manicure craze if I can do it with matte the rest glossy, one glossy the rest matte, ooooh the possibilities are....well, those are the only possibilities but yes! Rox WILL be pleased (She might even let me keep this title!)

Anywho, I will leave you with another picture of the nails I can't wait to show off at work tomorrow!

Hope you're well!

Ash xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Get in there QUICK!

Hi guys,

We just wanted to let you know that E.L.F. are FINALLY restocking their website this afternoon! They should be fully stocked and they also have some exciting new products including new oil blotting papers, a new foundation, and cream eyeshadow palettes! Hopefully they have got enough for there still to be stuff left after the mad rush we expect this arvo! We cannot wait to get our hands on eye shadow primer, brush cleanser and the stipple brush for starters!

More exciting news is that Boudior Prive, the monthly sample subscription service rivalling GlossyBox goes live on Friday! You will get your first box in August and the first £10 fee will be taken on the 5th. You will DEFO need to get in quick for this one if you want to be one of the few to get the first Box! We are so, so, soooooo excited!!!!!

Hope you are well! Get shopping!

Ash and Rox xx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A weekend of shopping! MAC, Cath Kidston, Bedhead etc....

Hiya loveys,

I went home this weekend and my bank account is definitely less friendly than it was before! I blame my Mother...! Anywho, thought I would share what I bought and my first impressions.

First up, Superdrug had 'Famous' by Sue Moxley products on 3 for 2. I haven't tried this brand before so I thought I'd pick up a few bits and give them a whirl. 

I got the loose pigment in 'Antique Gold' which is SUPER pretty. I absolutely love it. My only issue with this product is, as you can see in the picture below, there is a weird sort of inner lid, assumingly to stop wastage, but it doesn't stay in place. I don't know if that was just mine or if it is the same with all but I's just a bit annoying!

It's really shimmery and cute and I am loving using a smidge of this in my inner corners!

I also picked up the eye shadow shimmer in shade 3 (they should definitely come up with shade names, so much nicer!). This is a really pretty brown/grey shade with and I think there is a hint of purple running through it too. It's really nice as a darker all over lid colour and is buildable for use in smokey eyes and in the crease.

Finally I got the lipstick in shade 5 which is called 'Pucker Up'. I got this as I hoped it would replace my orange toned astor lipstick which I unfortunately lost on a night out. This colour is a bit brighter but is still really pretty and as a lover of lippie, I am pleased! 

Each item was £4 so it came to £8 all together on the 3 for 2 - bargain!

On Friday, I went to Bicester Outlet Village and MY GOD there is ample opportunity to spend there!!! I was very very reserved (it killed me!) as I am trying to be good but couldn't help myself from picking up a couple of things in the MAC outlet.

The eyeliner is  for a friend and is 'Smokey Heir'. It's a lovely deep grey/navy/purple sort of colour and it was £10.50.

I picked up the Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15 as Rox told me this had the best coverage and as I was using the dreadfully colour matched Estee Lauder foundation this day I felt gross! I think it as £16.95

I also picked up the Smokey Eye pigment tin from the 2010 Tartan Christmas collection.

From left to right the swatches are 'Naked' a gorgeous lightly shimmered cream colour perfect for your base lid colour, 'Jigs and Jive' a darker almost grey cream colour with shimmer, 'Dark Soul' a grey black lightly glittered colour, 'Reflects Blackened Red' 'a heavily glittered, although not in the above picture (sorry!) deep plummy red, and 'Blue Brown' a duo toned shimmer. These were so hard to photograph all together and in fact 'Blue Brown' looks nothing like that in reality, it's more like the pictures below.

I think my favourites and most used of these will be 'Naked' for it's pure every day appeal (though it's limited edition - boo MAC!), 'Blue Brown' for it's uniqueness and 'Dark Soul' for the corners and the crease, especially since my go to black shadow has recently smashed. I got this set for £19.95 and was soooo cheery! 

The cosmetic store also had Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown products but I myself for next time!

This next purchase I completely blame on the Mother.

Sorry for the lighting, flash on looked mental. I didn't particularly need a new suitcase but here we have one! It is so cute though! I'm not a huuuge Cath Kidston fan, mainly (and I mean this in the least snobbish way) because it is EVERYWHERE! However, I do think the stuff is cute and I generally like the variety of products. I definitely prefer this polka dot design to the floral ones and I just think this case is amazing.  It's also huge. I'm pretty sure if I tried I could fit myself in here! It was £75 down from £110 which I thought was pretty good for a bag of this size and my lovely Mother went halves with me. She's a good egg.

I definitely recommend Bicester Outlet Village if you are anywhere near it ever, there's loads there and the savings are generally pretty fab.

 I picked these up on offer in Sainsburys. They were 2 for £5. I got the Foaming Gel Wash and the Foaming Gentle Scrub. I am currently using the scrub in the morning and the wash at night. I will let you know my opinions after I have given them a proper trial but so far me skin is feeling a lot softer! I also have the Neutrogena Wave so there will be a comparison post coming up soon!
My Mum had got me these prior to
my arrival home.
Sadly, she'd removed the price but
they were from TKMaxx and I
think you can generally pick
them up for about a tenner each.
They are from the 'Control Freak' range 
which is a godsend for my thick and unruly hair! This stuff really calms your hair down and controls frizz and flyaways. It smells pretty amazing too.
She had also bought me a ridiculous amount of knickers but I wont share those here!

Finally, I bought some earrings from the Accessorize sale which I have subsequently broken (fixable I am sure). I also got some cardboard ipod speakers to replace my broken dock and some pink diamante headphones which I adore!

Anywho, I have rambled on for farrrr too long! Hope you are well!

Ash xx