Wednesday, 20 July 2011

17 Falsifeye False Lash Effect Mascara Review

I go through Mascara at what feels like the speed of light and so I am always on the look out for a new one to try. 17 recently released the Falsifeye False Lash Effect Mascara and I just HAD to try it. The mascara is priced at £6.49 and for a limited period you get a free gift of a Black gel eyeliner!! 

This Mascara is AMAZING! I initially thought the brush looked too big, until I used it that is. The brush is fantastic at coating all my eyelashes. After one coat my eyelashes already looked longer and thicker. I was so surprised with the final result, I honestly cannot praise this mascara enough, I love it!!  

The Gel eyeliner is also a great product and has real staying power, hours after applying it is still visible, despite having rubbed my itchy hayfevery eyes. 
If you are looking to buy a new mascara, I definitely recommend this one!!

Also whilst in Leeds, I pulled up to the beauty salon with my mum, stepped out of the car and saw this, a car with eyelashes hah, only in the North! 
Love Rox xx


Stacey said...

Want, Want, WANT! Rox you have such a pretty eye! X

Rox and Ash said...

Awww!! I look really tired but thanks! Get to Boots ASAP and get the mascara whilst they are sill giving away the gel liner- amazing deal and totally worth every penny xxx

cornflakegirl said...

I bought this but haven't used it yet, will definetly be trying it soon though. Glad you like it so much.

Rox and Ash said...

Let me know if you love it as much as I do!!! I have used it literally every day since I bought it! LOVE it! Xxx

Kerri_Jane said...

I got this on the same deal, Love the mascara however not a fan of the eyeliner!

Rox and Ash said...

Oh no..what didn't you like about it lovey? I'm in love with the mascara- I have used it so much it's nearly finished!! I have so many new ones waiting to be used atm though, I refuse to buy it again until I have at least tried them hah! Love Rox xxxx