Saturday, 9 July 2011

E.l.f and beauty..

Hi Sweeties, 

I'm back from Turkey and excited to get back into blogging!

I was so disappointed to leave my cocktails and 36 degree heat behind, particularly because I came out of the airport to rain! However, there really was a silver lining behind the Cloud! I opened my front door, to find my E.l.f delivery had arrived!!!!
Ash and I have been meaning to try E.l.f products for a while and when we saw that they were offering their Facebook fans 50% off, we just had to order! A lot of what we wanted was out of stock but just look at our box of goodies!! I literally couldn't wait to play with everything! 

I ordered a foundation brush, nail polishes in 'Fire coral' and 'Passion pink', Hypershine lip gloss in Vixen, a purple shimmery eyeliner, an eyebrow filler and highlighter, false eyelashes, a custom compact and 4 eyeshadows in 'Sage', 'Moondust', 'Golden glow' and 'Dusk'. Unfortunately my Dusk eyeshadow was broken when I opened the box but apparently, if I speak to the lovely people at E.l.f Customer Services they will send me a new one ASAP! thoughts, the first thing that came to mind was how gorgeous the nail polish colours are but also how small the foundation brush is. I couldn't decide what to try first. Decisions decisions..

I was a little bit worried to try the nail polishes as I have read several reviews that have said they are watery and need a billion coats, so o tried these first. After one coat of 'Fire Coral' (on the left) the colour was bright and glossy (what.a.relief) the picture shows two coats and a layer of topcoat. 'Passion pink' took three coats to get the colour nice and bright and I was surprised at how matte the overall finish was. I prefer the glossy look so applied my top coat to achieve this. I was very impressed and will definitely be trying more of the E.l.f polishes in the future!!

 Moving on to the eye shadows, I love that you can buy the compact empty and choose your own colours to go inside. As you can see from my swatches, the colours are so bright and sparkly- beautiful!! The eyeliner is fabulous the colour.

The eyebrow pencil is a little bit hard for me to review tbh, as I had to get it in the wrong colour..E.l.f had sold out of my colour eyebrow pencil and so I ordered a lighter one, I know it sounds crazy but I only actually wanted the highlighter part of it anyway. It glides on smoothly and blends so easily- it's exactly what I have been looking for!!
The Hypershine lip gloss looks uber pink in the tube but not so much on my lips, a little bit disappointing but it does have a nice texture and  feels really nice on, very moisturising. I haven't tried the eyelashes yet as I will review those when I do my eyelash review, they look amazing though (even if I did accidentally order them on brown). I really wasn't looking forward to trying the foundation brush as I just didn't think it was big enough, as the picture shows, it's as small as my thumb it's not the best I have tried  but it's actually really good, for £1.50, what a bargain! I am so so pleased with my E.l.f haul and definitely recommend their products! They are super cheap and yet still great quality products! Also, like them on Facebook here because they regularly do offer codes or free delivery for their fans..
Love love, Rox

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