Thursday, 21 July 2011

Best Day....Ever?

Hiya Hiya Hiya,

We are very very exciting - today is a very good day!

First of all - Me and my workmate got our first graze boxes - lookie here - and it was AMAZING, and free!!!! I'm sure you all know about them by now but if you would like to try one free use my lil code on your first order - gets you one free and one half price. It also gets me either a pound off of my next one or a pound to donate to the graze school of farming in Uganda. I think I will donate mine, so if you trying out some free food and donating to charity click here and use this code HCBBYHX3!!

In my box I got a west country chedder, red onion and chutney focaccia which was delish and a honey comb flapjack which was also lovely. I also got 'the firecracker' which included korean chilli rice crackers, spicy peanuts and salsa corn sticks which was right up my spicy alley! Finally I got copacabana which included brazil nuts, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons - there was chocolate in that one so obvs I loved it!!! I would really recommend these, they came at about half ten, just when you start getting peckish and we think you could order one and have it last most of the week! I definitely need to get a bit less afraid of dried fruit though as a lot of my workmate's looked delish also!

Next up - the exciting news that people's Glossy Boxes have started to arrive and people seem to be more impressed this month. Obvs I am at work so I don't know if mine has arrived and Rox is the same - going mental. She told me people had got theirs and I lasted about 3 seconds not looking until I gave in - the stuff looks ace but I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who wants a suprise!

FINALLY, last but by no means least, the gorgeous Ellie from Miss E Blog gave us the sweetest blog award!

Pass this on to 15 great bloggers and Tell us these 3 things about yourself;

My Favourite Color: Rox: Pink - obvs. Ash: Green!!

My Favourite Food: RoxChicken and sweetcorn soup - I know it's totally boring but I love it - or maybe sushi.... Ash: Indian, hot spicy curries all the way. My Order is a hot keema madras with pilau/boiled rice and a chappatti please!

My Favourite Place to Visit:  Rox: Greece - I will one day have a holiday home there, and wherever my bezzies are. Ash: Ahhh I have no idea! I love visitting London. I loved Russia too but I've only been once and I feel like visiting suggests I pop over all the time!

Yay for this fab day =) !!!!! xxxx

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