Sunday, 10 July 2011

For the good of my own E.L.F.

Hiya loveys,

So as Rox said, we made our first E.L.F. order during the 50% off deal the other week and I was soooo super excited to get my bits and try them out after all the brilliant reviews I'd read about E.L.F. products. 

I didn't go AS mad as Rox did, mainly because the main two things I wanted to try were sadly out of stock (those being the eye shadow primer and the daily brush cleanser). I did order 6 things though and was very cheerful that it came to less than a tenner!!! Bloomin' Marvellous.

As a young'un, the Mother would always tell me to eat the bits I didn't like first so I could save the best till last. In the essence of her sage advice, I am going to have a bit of a moan about one of the products.

This is the liquid eyeliner in copper and in when I opened the packet of products I was so excited about this, I mean, look at the picture above! It looks AMAZING. But it just doesn't really look as good on your skin! I think the main problem I have with it, it that it's a clear liner with glitter in it rather than a copper coloured liner with glitter. I wanted to make a statement with this but I think It will just look like I have something in my eye... Not impressed, though I will give it a try using a copper base and see how it goes.

I forgot to take a picture of the brush on it's own but I LOVE it. It's the Complexion Brush and it's gorgeous. It's a lovely size and it's really soft and fluffy, absolutely brilliant for all over face products and also for sweeping a bit of blush or bronzer on with, HUGE thumbs up. I'm pretty sure Rox will be getting one of these soon also as the first thing she said to me when our stuff arrived was "I'm so jealous of your brush" hehe!

Next up is something I have yet to come to a definitive conclusion about.

This is cream eyeliner in Gun Metal. The colour in the pot is gorgeous but on my hand it's a bit pale I think, though it is a lovely texture and is definitely buildable... I just don't necessarily want to be putting that much on my eye. I think it will be a pretty day time colour for a softer look than my usual black.

Another product I was a bit 'meh' about at first was the lip plumping lipgloss which I got in Fire Coral. 

On the E.L.F. website, this looked like it was a beautiful orange based coral, and I think the name suggests that too, so when I first took this out of the packaging I was a bit disappointed. However, I do adore the colour and it's really easy to wear and would probably suit more people than if it was as orange as I'd hoped! The 'plumping' end is pretty high on the tingly scale which I love but I know others might not. It's definitely more tingly than Soap and Glory's Sexy Motherpucker glosses. I'd say I definitely felt like my top lip looked more plump than usual which is obviously a plus!

Next, I got the mineral booster which is sheer. They were sold out of the larger size which is a shame as I really like this product. When these came, I was sampling Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation, but the lady at the counter had given me completely the wrong shade, 'beige sand' for an NC15 girl is just silly! So I was feeling I bit orangey and I also found that the foundation made me look extremely greasy which was unusual for a matte foundation. Add this to spot prone and 'that time' skin and I felt a bit poop. This stuff however, made me feel matte, and normal skinned and fresh. I use the Complexion brush to apply and it sets your make up beautifully, even if you are wearing the wrong shade!

My ABSOLUTE favourite product of the lot was the lipstick I bought. When I was ordering I was stuck between whether to get Nicely Nude or Runway Pink. I eventually went with Runway Pink as I thought I had enough warm pink and gold toned lippy. I am sooooo glad I did. 
I know it doesn't look like anything special here, but it is just so so pretty. A lot of people search for their 'my lip but better' shade but I would say this is 'my lip but lighter'. It is so easy to wear for day but I can imagine it looking super glam and pretty at night too. So, so pleased! You all need this in your life!

I went home to the Mother's this weekend and did some completely unnecessary shopping so I will be thrilling you with my purchases this week and also with my 'hard but necessary' make up clear out and my new storage which I am loving!

Hope you are all good!!

Ash xx

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