Saturday, 9 July 2011


My name is Roxanne and I am a magazine addict, so now you know. I love them and I really 
can't resist buying them ALL the time. I read Cosmo, Glamour, Company, Closer, Now and I 
have a secret love of real life magazines like Love it, Pick me up, Chat, Take a break, That's life haha, don’t judge me! So..

I spent £7.50 on magazines yesterday and there's nothing I like more than a free gift.
Cosmo have included a voucher booklet and are 
giving away a free Missguided nail polish with
every copy of the magazine. There are three 
colours to choose from: blue, orange and a pinky
corally colour. I decided to try the blue as the pink
and orange are similar to colours I already have. 
I LOVE this nail polish, it is so easy to apply,lovely
and thick and the colour is beautiful! I applied one
 coat and as you can see from the pics, the colour
is super bright. The only dilemma I have now is do I go and
buy the other two colours!? As an added bonus, Missguided
are also giving Cosmo readers a fabulous 20% off until 
August 11th!! Enter COSMOMG on their website here 
They have fabulous clothes,footwear, and gorgeous accessories and 
beauty goodies. 
The online boutiques Motto is 'Every day is a fashion show and the 
world is your runway', what's not to love!! 

Love Rox xxxx

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