Friday, 15 July 2011

Lip Loves and Lip Lusts!


So I nipped into Boots to search for nail foil/wrap things and ended up with this instead.

 Rimmel's new Vinyl Max lipgloss in 'Dazzle' - isn't it gorgeous? It claims to be a 'one stroke maxi shine lipgloss' and I have to admit, I was drawn in by the pretty packaging!
 The applicator is HUGE! I only have a little top lip and it works just fine on me but I'm sure Rox and her full lips will appreciate the largeness more than I do. Perhaps the size of the applicator is related to the 'one stroke' -ness of it all?
 It's a super pretty colour and really glossy and shimmery and I thought it would look great over my new E.L.F. lippy (swatched here). 
It is a plumping lipgloss but it barely tingles at all which I imagine many people will like. I noticed a slight plumping effect though that could be down to the high shine of the product.
Best of all, this lip gloss isn't sticky at all, it's one of those nice slick feeling ones that make you want to rub your lips together constantly and perhaps pull a few pouty poses when no-one is looking.
This was on a £2 off introductory offer in Boots and cost £3.49.

I also have a gander at Barry M's new Lip Laquer Crayons and I am in definite lust! I love lip crayons, they are soo easy to apply and they just look fun.

I swatched 3 on my hand to take away and decide which I liked best. (Photo taken on phone, please excuse yellow looking hand, I am not jaundiced don't fret)

Left to right: 'Mandarin' (Much more orangey in person), 'Ballet Pink', and 'Party Pink'

These had a really nice consistency and texture and this is the colour pay off after a quick swatch with barely any pressure applied - really impressive. You can always count of Barry M for amazing pigmentation!

I love them all!!!! I think 'Party Pink' is amazingly pretty and would make a FABULOUS statement lip but am I bold enough to pull it off? 
This pink, 'Candyfloss', wasn't in the shop I was in but I think I would probably be most likely to purchase this colour which is less daring but equally as pretty as 'Party Pink'. The final colour in the range is 'Cherry Red' and while it's not particularly me, I can think of a certain ex-housemate of mine who would drool over this bombshell shade!

So, I need help!!! Should I be brave or should I be cautious?! 

Love love,
Ash xxx

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cornflakegirl said...

Definetly be brave, Party Pink is a fab colour.