Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lush 'Volcano' - TLC for the feet


I just wanted to do a quick post on Lush's 'Volcano' foot scrub and mask. I bought this product this weekend and I already LOVE it.

For starters, I am in no way a foot person. My feet are very, very rarely bare. I just hate them and feel uncomfortable at the thought of other people looking at them (I also have a strange complex about them looking big (despite only wearing a size 3 shoe) and I always think they look smaller in socks!). This means that my feet tend to go unloved and unpampered - woe for them.

photo taken from Lush website
The lovely lady at lush talked me into trying this mask and scrub and she said it was one of her favourite products! (Yea, I'll admit it, it didn't take much persuasion, anything for Lush!). It did come as part of a set called 'Happy Feet' which included a citrus stepping stone foot scrub, which the Lady told me was a pumice stone and also contained moisturising oils, a Fair Trade Foot Lotion and the Volcano Mask and Scrub. The Lotion smelt just like after eights and was really nice to have a minty smell that didn't overpower. The set is all wrapped in a knot bag which is super cute, the Lady called it a headscarf though I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off! It cost £10.95

I ended up just buying the volcano as I already had some Lotion and Pumice stones send chills down my spine! It was £5.50 for the mask on it's own so I would say it's definitely worth splashing out for the set if you're really wanting to pamper your feet!

I forgot to take a picture of the Scrub before I used it but this is after one quick generous use. I can see myself getting at least another 4 uses out of it, so I think it's priced quite decently. It has a definite smell of potato skins which I found oddly reassuring - a nice earthy smell will surely make me foot model material....!

Lush say 'Vocano' is a "Deep cleansing, deoderising, skin softening treatment for toes, soles and heels" and advise that once you've covered your feet you should "wrap them in plastic bags or film". So here I am, wrapped in biodegradable bin bags as I couldn't find any cling film

Sexy, I know.

I was dying my hair at the time so I did leave the mask on for about 20 minutes before I went up to shower. When it was time to take it off, I wet the scrub a bit and rubbed it into my soles, which went surprisingly well for a hellishly ticklish person like me! I then went about my Shower as per the norm. 

My feet felt lovely afterwards, definitely a noticeable difference, I'm hoping they'll like me again now - though maybe not for long as this weekend Rox is coming to see me and we are off to Appy Feet to get what I believe is called a fish manicure. Both of us are slightly dreading it!

Overall, I would give this product a 9/10, my only con being that you have to sit still for ten minutes whilst it's on, but if you are having a bit of a girly day then this isn't much of a problem!!!

Love Love

Ash xx


Karen said...

that is gas with the bags on your feet hehe i'm weird with feet, think i'd have a nervous breakdown if i had a pedicure :) great post :D

Rox and Ash said...

Oh yea ditto. I always have to wonder what kind of stomach of steel you must have to be someone who touches other people's feet all day!