Friday, 22 July 2011

Ooops, I did it again...


I am going to attempt to implement a spending ban next month, there's nothing I really need, other than perhaps a new mascara which I can nip and get before August - who is with me? No Shopping August.... daunting! 

As it stands, it's July, and my ban has yet to be implemented!

I got these two from River Island in the sale! I stupidly bought them 2/3 sizes too big but it doesn't matter so much as the skirt has a elasticated waist and the top looks fine baggy. The skirt is that sort of really thick felt like material and I love the colour, it comes just past mid thigh on me when I wear it at my waist which is a nice length I feel. I love the 60's style too, could become a new fave, and it as only £7!! 

The top was £10 and it caught my attention because of the sleeves. This is a close up of the back of the top and as you can see it's sort of cape sleeves for want of a better description! They are only attached at the shoulders and have really pretty cut out detail. Such a different top, I really liked it. 

Next I went into Primarni (see it's not bad if everything you buy is under a bargain) and picked up a good few bits.

The first top is actually gorgeous, it's a satin-ny type of material and has a big pocket, I mostly like it because it's 2 sizes smaller than I usually wear and still fits fine - excellent choice to cheer me out of a fat day! It's super comfortable and one of those tops that can be dressed up or down. It was £10.

The next dress is probably supposed to be a top but I am only 5 foot so it's long enough to wear as a short day dress on me! I really like it, I think it looks very Urban Outfitters and the design is really different. Here's a closer look. >>>>
Little foxes! Random I know. I love the lace peter pan collar on this and it's a really easy dress to just chuck on! It was only £6!!
I actually wore this dress on Sunday with the camel leggings (which were £3!) and it made for a super cute outfit! The leggings are actually a lot lighter than the picture shows, probably just my camera making them look a bit brown! They are more like the colour of the fox on the dress.

I am a huuuge believer that a girl can never have enough bags or shoes or jewellery or  ..... the list goes on! I am always drawn to primark bags because I like being able to keep up with fashion without killing my bank balance. I loved this bag at first sight. It was just a bit different and I loved the colours. I did spend a good few minutes thinking I had bought a faulty one as I couldn't get the fastener to twist open before I realised it was fake and it had a magnetic popper type fastening - oops! I think this was only £3 and I'm so pleased, it's actually a really good size too plenty of room for a full purse which is ace for me as I hate taking cards etc out separately.

Recently, I heard that a lot of shops have started only stocking a couple of pairs of my size shoe in each style. I'm not sure if it's true or not but I have notice that it's getting more difficult to find shoes in my size in places like New Look and River Island. This makes me sad. Primark is not one of these shops and I tried to stay away I really did but these were a mere £6 in the sale and they are sooo cute. I actually didn't own a paid of wedges (*gasp*) before hand so I felt a nice pair would be a necessary addition to my wardrobe. They are also really comfortable to wear so a big thumbs up from me!

The earrings were about 2 pounds and I just thought they were a bit different, as with all earrings I will probably break/lose them soon so I don't like to pay too much for them! 

I also picked up some tights (3 pairs for £2.50 - winner) and some socks (5 pairs for £2 I think it was - double winner) and some bobby pins for a pound as I can never find them when I want one. No pictures of them as they are a bit boring!

I got a cuticle pusher and some hair dye as my roots were getting atrocious and the Lush 'Volcano' I reviewed the other day! All in all a good shopping trip I'd say! And to think, I only went in to chat to the bank...

Love love, Ashliegh

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Stacey said...

Those Wedges are friggin FAF! PLEASE primarni have a six!