Friday, 22 July 2011

Roll on the weekend..

Hi loves, 

I literally cannot wait for this weekend, there is SO much to look forward to. For starters, I am going to visit the lovely Ash in Manchester woo woo and we have lots of exciting things planned. 1 hour to go until I can officially leave work.

We are going shopping (for our giveaway competition prizes among other things) and we were lucky enough to get appointments with Dior on Saturday, so expect a blog post on that next week!! I am so excited, Ash has a day makeup appointment and I have an evening makeup fun! 

Then..we are going to have a fish pedicure..cue mild panic. Now..I am all for trying new things, however, I am ridiculously ticklish, i'm not a particular fan of fish and to say I can't stand feet is a massive understatement! So..we will see what happens. We also have dinner and drinks with the girls

I definitely need cheering up, I am very..VERY hungover at work today, not a good look. I had my team night out last night and we went Champagne and wine tasting, followed by a lovely dinner and cocktails at a Michelin star restaurant (Hakasan)...all paid for on the company credit card (thank god, the bill at the restaurant alone came to £400 for four of us!!)
Anyway, I hope you all have fabulous weekends, I would like today to end now please so that I can go and party it up in Manchester..thanks 

Love Rox xxx

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