Saturday, 2 July 2011

Surviving a Festival...


Finally got round to typing this up!

I went to Hurricane festival in Germany about 2 weeks ago and first things first, it was AMAZING!! So many faaabulous bands and brilliant performances and it was suuuper cheap, I think for everything, including my travel and spends and ticket (bearing in mind that I went  for a week) I only needed £350!!!

The weather was the epitome of festival in my opinion; The first day was nice and sunny, the second day less so with a bit of rain, and the last day was continuous rain until early evening. Needless to say my hair was not impressed! Luckily, the lovely (and pretty smart) people at T Mobile, who were sponsoring the festival, provided free pink rain ponchos. As you can see, they were super stylish.

As you can see, my hat was a saviour! It didn't fare too well with the rain and I ended up throwing it away before I travelled back home.

I did a little 'how long will it last' experiment with some new nail polish I had bought. The polish is a nice bright orangey peach colour by 17. The pictures are from the day of Application (Wednesday), the first day of the festival (Friday) and the day we came home (Monday). Please excuse shoddy application and slightly muddy hands!

I think it lasted prettty well! I wont lie and say I put up the tent as I wangled my way out of that one, but I took it down so.... I was impressed with its staying power. This was with no topcoat as I don't actually own a topcoat at the moment. I might have to get some more 17 polishes!

You weren't allowed to take plastic or glass into the festival area so we followed the crowd and made our own trendy carton holders, just add gaffa tape! 

That's my pal modelling her original carton complete with silver tape which unfortunately ran out. Sadly, she filled this with vodka coke and the pressure made it explode (You think me and my other pal would have learned from this but we still attempted to put jaegermeister and coke in one on another day and ours also did not last....woe)

Make-up wise, I fared okay. I wasn't blown away with the staying power, which was disappointing as I was using MAC, but I didn't arrive back to the tent bare faced either. 

Sadly, I forgot to take the toothy tabs with me, much to the devastation of all. I leave you with a picture of a delightful young man who was absolutely AMAZING live, and also a picture of the three of us, me looking slightly (read hugely) worse than the other two. I put it down to their previous festival experience.... ahem!

Ash xxx

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