Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A weekend of shopping! MAC, Cath Kidston, Bedhead etc....

Hiya loveys,

I went home this weekend and my bank account is definitely less friendly than it was before! I blame my Mother...! Anywho, thought I would share what I bought and my first impressions.

First up, Superdrug had 'Famous' by Sue Moxley products on 3 for 2. I haven't tried this brand before so I thought I'd pick up a few bits and give them a whirl. 

I got the loose pigment in 'Antique Gold' which is SUPER pretty. I absolutely love it. My only issue with this product is, as you can see in the picture below, there is a weird sort of inner lid, assumingly to stop wastage, but it doesn't stay in place. I don't know if that was just mine or if it is the same with all but I's just a bit annoying!

It's really shimmery and cute and I am loving using a smidge of this in my inner corners!

I also picked up the eye shadow shimmer in shade 3 (they should definitely come up with shade names, so much nicer!). This is a really pretty brown/grey shade with and I think there is a hint of purple running through it too. It's really nice as a darker all over lid colour and is buildable for use in smokey eyes and in the crease.

Finally I got the lipstick in shade 5 which is called 'Pucker Up'. I got this as I hoped it would replace my orange toned astor lipstick which I unfortunately lost on a night out. This colour is a bit brighter but is still really pretty and as a lover of lippie, I am pleased! 

Each item was £4 so it came to £8 all together on the 3 for 2 - bargain!

On Friday, I went to Bicester Outlet Village and MY GOD there is ample opportunity to spend there!!! I was very very reserved (it killed me!) as I am trying to be good but couldn't help myself from picking up a couple of things in the MAC outlet.

The eyeliner is  for a friend and is 'Smokey Heir'. It's a lovely deep grey/navy/purple sort of colour and it was £10.50.

I picked up the Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15 as Rox told me this had the best coverage and as I was using the dreadfully colour matched Estee Lauder foundation this day I felt gross! I think it as £16.95

I also picked up the Smokey Eye pigment tin from the 2010 Tartan Christmas collection.

From left to right the swatches are 'Naked' a gorgeous lightly shimmered cream colour perfect for your base lid colour, 'Jigs and Jive' a darker almost grey cream colour with shimmer, 'Dark Soul' a grey black lightly glittered colour, 'Reflects Blackened Red' 'a heavily glittered, although not in the above picture (sorry!) deep plummy red, and 'Blue Brown' a duo toned shimmer. These were so hard to photograph all together and in fact 'Blue Brown' looks nothing like that in reality, it's more like the pictures below.

I think my favourites and most used of these will be 'Naked' for it's pure every day appeal (though it's limited edition - boo MAC!), 'Blue Brown' for it's uniqueness and 'Dark Soul' for the corners and the crease, especially since my go to black shadow has recently smashed. I got this set for £19.95 and was soooo cheery! 

The cosmetic store also had Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown products but I behaved...save myself for next time!

This next purchase I completely blame on the Mother.

Sorry for the lighting, flash on looked mental. I didn't particularly need a new suitcase but here we have one! It is so cute though! I'm not a huuuge Cath Kidston fan, mainly (and I mean this in the least snobbish way) because it is EVERYWHERE! However, I do think the stuff is cute and I generally like the variety of products. I definitely prefer this polka dot design to the floral ones and I just think this case is amazing.  It's also huge. I'm pretty sure if I tried I could fit myself in here! It was £75 down from £110 which I thought was pretty good for a bag of this size and my lovely Mother went halves with me. She's a good egg.

I definitely recommend Bicester Outlet Village if you are anywhere near it ever, there's loads there and the savings are generally pretty fab.

 I picked these up on offer in Sainsburys. They were 2 for £5. I got the Foaming Gel Wash and the Foaming Gentle Scrub. I am currently using the scrub in the morning and the wash at night. I will let you know my opinions after I have given them a proper trial but so far me skin is feeling a lot softer! I also have the Neutrogena Wave so there will be a comparison post coming up soon!
My Mum had got me these prior to
my arrival home.
Sadly, she'd removed the price but
they were from TKMaxx and I
think you can generally pick
them up for about a tenner each.
They are from the 'Control Freak' range 
which is a godsend for my thick and unruly hair! This stuff really calms your hair down and controls frizz and flyaways. It smells pretty amazing too.
She had also bought me a ridiculous amount of knickers but I wont share those here!

Finally, I bought some earrings from the Accessorize sale which I have subsequently broken (fixable I am sure). I also got some cardboard ipod speakers to replace my broken dock and some pink diamante headphones which I adore!

Anywho, I have rambled on for farrrr too long! Hope you are well!

Ash xx

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