Monday, 29 August 2011

Got my Mojo back...


May I first apologise for the title, I just had to! Today, I am posting about the newest addition to my nail varnish collection, No7's 'Mojo'.

I love No7. It's quite a new found love, I have used their mascaras in the past but not really paid too much attention until exquisite curl came out earlier this year (I think?) and you got a free palette with purchase. I LOVED that mascara (despite accidentally buying it in brown black - this happens stupidly often with me, I never learn). The Palette was amazing too, gorgeous colours with decent pigmentation. Both me and Rox bought it and the colours suited both of us despite our vastly differing skin tones! I have also recently won the opportunity to test out their new lash adapt mascara which I have been putting though its paces this weekend and plan to post my verdict in the new few days.

Anyway, back to nail varnish. I actually got a few for Christmas last year from my lovely mum and I realised I had never tried them before! I was really impressed but at £7 a pop I have always found similar shades in cheaper brands and gone with them instead. With the £5 No7 vouchers back at the moment I grabbed the chance to pick up a new colour.

Without further ado....

This colour was annoyingly hard to photgraph. Neither of these shots really do it justice, it's much more orange in real life, it's a gorgeous vibrant shade and I love it! One thing I do like about No7 is the application is amazing. I find that with some nail varnishes, one coat colourwise is great but has streaky bits. No7 isn't like that and one coat of this was lovely and subtle. 2 coats was opaque. I used 3 coats just because I wanted it really bright and it did take quite a long time to dry but that could just have been the number of coats.

No7 nail varnishes tend to be super long lasting. I don't tend to wear a top coat and I find No7 to take a good while to chip. Definitely need to stop being a tight arse and get buying these more often!

Don't forget to enter our giveaway here, just comment on the post to be in with a chance! It's our fist giveaway and we are super excited.

Love Love

Ash xx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Beautifully Delicious

Morning lovelies,
Apologies again for not posting much lately- as Ash said a few days ago- my boyfriend and I have just bought a gorgeous little apartment in West London and so my life has been a mixture of removal vans and DIY for the past couple of weeks!!

I just wanted to do a super quick post to tell you about a few products I have only just discovered!

As a mini treat to myself/celebration that I have a bath again, I have been buying bubble bath, bath bombs and random pampering treats non stop and at this rate, I may as well buy shares in Lush! In my defence- it has been 6 months since I have been able to have a bath and our new bathroom is gorgeous (see picture!!!)

To put it simply, I have fallen in love..this week, I finally tried two of the 'Beautifully Delicious' range. I bought the Papaya and Mango bath and shower gel and the Strawberry and Pomegranate body butter. Oh my good god, they are amazing!!! I know that these aren't new products, but I just HAD to blog about them. I literally cannot describe how fitting the brand name is, both smell AMAZING!!

The bath and shower gel creates so many bubbles and makes my bathroom smell all tropically (is that even a word!?). I have been using the body butter after my baths or showers and it makes my skin feel so luscious and soft. As an added bonus the gorgeous smell lasts FOREVER..ok not forever but a long time! Even the boyfriend was impressed, he was delighted that I now "smell like sweets".

I can't rave about these products enough and if you haven't tried them yet, add them to your shopping list..immediately!!! I bought mine from Beauty Box in Westfield but after a cheeky google, I can see that they are also available in Sainsbury's, Boots, Next and the KMI Club.
Enjoy your day my loves, bank holiday weekend is almost here! Love Love Rox xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Homemade Facemasks!!


So, we were together in London this weekend at Rox's swish new pad and decided to make ourselves a facemask each and share with you guys how we got on.

We used:- 

3 Asprin  
1 Banana  
A Spoonful of Sour Cream

and Ash used a handful of strawberries too. Rox couldn't as she is  slightly allergic!

How to:-

First crush the Asprin into a bowl and add a tinny drop of water to make into a bit of a paste.

Next add your fruit and mash it all up together. (Rox's pictured)
Add a bit of Honey, we didn't really measure but I'd say about a spoonful

Add the sourcream

Mix it all together and 'Ta Da!' (Ash's pictured)

Slop it on your face!!

Actually getting it on was harder than imagined as it was a bit sloppier than your general facemask. We also made FAAAAR too much! It was definitely a case of pushing it into your skin to get it to stay!

Here are some super sexy pics of the finished product

 So we left them on for about 10-15 mins (most of which we spent giggling and posing for pictures!)

While on your face these felt super fresh and you could definitely feel something going on. The smell was also AMAZING and if a bit fell off your top lip and into your mouth - it didn't taste too shabby either!

The Verdict

These were suprisingly good! They left our skin feeling silky smooth and lovely and soft. Rox has super sensitive skin and she didn't get any rashes as we worried she might and Ash is ever so slightly spot prone and has not broken out!

All in all these are super fun to make and definitely money saving once you've got the staples! If you're having a girlie night in we would say one bowlful (with the quantities above) would make face masks for at least 4 people and would advise every lady out there to give it a go!

Love Love xxxxxxx


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Little Giveaway...[Closed]


We have been super excited about starting this blog for ages and are really happy that there are actually people who like to read it! So we thought we would do a small giveaway just as a thanks really!

The goodies are mostly things we use and love and a couple of bits we have reviewed or intend to review! They are : -
  1. H&M Summer Nails Nail Varnish Set
  2. Lush Happy Hippy Hair and Body Gel
  3. E.L.F. All Over Colour Stick in 'Persimmon'
  4. A FABULOUS hand made hair clip ( a new one will be made to send to the winner)
  5. E.L.F. Eyelid Primer
  6. NYC Metro Quartet in 'Chelsea Chic'
  7. E.L.F. Matte Top Coat
  8. MUA Lipstick  in shade 12
  9. Loreal Paris Duo Eyeshadow in 'beige lift'
  10. MUA Eye Shadow in shade 7
  11. Sally Hansen Ultra Soothing Lip Tint in 'Cranberry'
To enter all you have to do is follow the blog publicly and comment on this post with your gfc name (The name you use to subscribe to us with).

For an extra entry, follow us on twitter and tweet about the giveaway with a link to this post and don't forget to include your twitter name in your comment on the post.

The giveaway ends at midnight on 6th September and we will announce the winner on the 7th.

Love Love 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Soap and Glory Addict! [Offer Ended]


So, Boots are evil. I say this because they have blatantly disregarded my No Spends August and appear intent on tempting me with offers and such! As if No. 7 £5 off vouchers weren't bad enough I have just seen they have a new Soap and Glory Bundle and it's even better than the last!!!

Bundle includes:
• Wash Almighty Body Cleansing Gel 500 ml
• Wizard of Flaws Line Filling Luminizer & Concealer 7 ml
• Return to Slender Body Contouring Gel 200 ml (The Firminator)
• Slimwear Peptide Balm 190 ml
• Mighty Mouth Gorgeous Lips Kit 2 x 4g, 9 ml
• Night In Shining Armour 50 ml
• Sexy Mother Pucker Gift Set 3 x 7 ml
• Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath, Mini, 75 ml
• The Greatest Scrub of All 125ml
• One Pit Wonder Deodorant Stick 40g
• Spa Butter Up 200 ml
• The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer 200 ml

You get all of these fabulous products for a mere £35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only that, but you get £5 worth of points on your boots card. 

I can't seem to see when this offer runs out but I hope you will all keep your fingers crossed for me that it lasts until September!

Rox doesn't have internet at her new flat yet (hence her mysterious absence at the moment) so there wont be any posts this weekend but next week look out for our giveaway (finally! - we have been so excited for this) and other weekend related posts!

Love love

Rox n Ash

Thursday, 18 August 2011

FOTD: Preparing for London!


Haha - is this what you were expecting?!!

As I finished caking my face in Lush's Cosmetic Warrior face mask and already had my hair coated in Bedhead's Mouisture Maniac and Lush's Marilyn, I thought I looked a pretty picture!

So excited to go to London and see Rox tomorrow! We are off to get our nails done, and to Portabello Market, and we have a couple of fab posts lined up!!!

Love Love

Ash xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Eye Don't Belieeeeeeve It


Excuse the TERRIBLE pun in the title but it made me laugh a lot. Victor Meldrew - what a ledge!

The only eye cream I have used is the Clinique one that came free with Glamour magazine earlier this year which I didn't really get on with. I didn't like that it came in a pot as it didn't feel terribly hygienic and it was far too greasy. It made my eyes water a lot and at the end of the day I didn't feel or notice any difference in my eyes.

I do think it's really important to look after your eyes though as the skin round there is obviously really thin and we don't want wrinkles! (Although I personally don't mind 'crow's feet' wrinkles as I think they are a sign that you're a smiley, happy person!) I had heard great things about the Lacura on other blogs and when I saw this in ALDI for a mere £1.49 I had to give it a whirl.

The first thing I noticed about this cream was it's thickness. Now, as I have only tried one eye cream before I am definitely no expert but this was a lot thicker than I expected. Despite this, you only need the tiniest amount. The picture below is more than enough for under both eyes and the lids too.

I don't particularly get bags under my eyes unless I have had literally no sleep but what I do get is really sore under eyes. I think it's because I have sensitive eyes that water a lot and I am quite bad and rub at them - oops! When I have sore eyes, this cream makes the sore bits tingle in a way I can only liken to the tingle you get on your lips when you use lip plumping gloss. It's not uncomfortable, I quite like it, it feels like it's doing something!

I use this most nights and can definitely see and feel a change when I wake up. My eyes are a lot less sensitive since I have been wearing this and my make up even seems to be staying on better?! On the days when I have had dark circles I can't say it make much of a difference but I just read the back and it doesn't actually claim to! Concealer is probs best for that I think.

At £1.49 a tube I will definitely be using this again and I can't wait to try some of their other products which are all equally fabulously priced. Have you tried Lacura? What recommendations do you have?

Love love

Ash xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

5 minute day time smoky eye and a package from the heavens!


My plan for this post was to do a step by step on this smoky eye but my GOD do I look mental in close up pictures of my eyes! I don't think the fact I had to use the camera built into my laptop helped, if I do more of these I might have to figure out a better way of taking the pictures - any suggestions?

Anyway, this is the eye look I have been wearing for work for the past few weeks as it is SUPER quick and I think it's really pretty.

Yep, that was the least freakish picture of the lot!! I'm really sorry about the quality of the shot, hopefully you get the gist, it's almost a bit metal themed colour wise with gold and bronze being the main colours used.

Here are the products I used.

Just a quick rundown of what I do as it really is so easy:-

  1. Apply a tiny bit of elf primer onto my lid to just past the crease of my eye (I literally use a minuscule amount for my tiny eyes!)
  2. Using Model's Own Eyeshadow Shading Brush (any large-ish eyeshadow brush will do) I apply a generous amount of the Famous by Sue Moxley Shimmer eye dust in 'Antique Gold' all across the lid
  3. Using Elf Professional Crease Brush (again, any rounded-y eyeshadow brush works) I apply the Famous by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Shimmer in shade 3 to the outer corner of my eye and blend it out across the crease. I apply quite a lot in the very corner of my eye to make it quite dark
  4. Next, I use Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner in Graphite (magazine freebie!!) in the outer corner and about half way along the top and bottom of my eye. I use this under the waterline. On the lid, I take this  thicker at the corner of the eye, just for added definition. 
  5. I use a BeautyUK Metallic Sparks eye pencil (I'm not sure of the colour but I think it's bronze) along my bottom waterline and the inner top lid. I use the shading brush to blend this out a bit
  6. My mascara of choice at the moment is Maybelline XXL Curl Power which has a white and a black end. I have quite long lashes anyway and with my small eyes I only need a tiny bit of this for that extra oompf!
This literally takes me about 3 minutes and has been a lifesaver on the days I just cannot be arsed to get out of bed!!! I also find that this look is super easy to glam up and just a bit extra of the dark liner and the darker Eyeshadow in the corners and you are good to go and have a few drinks and a dance!

Finaallllyy, I received a really exciting parcel today. MAC BRUSHES!!!! 

I have been sticking to my no spends august so haven't had much to get excited about this month (bar the arrival of Boudoir Prive and Glossy Boxes) but I bought these last month but just hadn't received them as they were not sent directly here.

I have been wanting the MAC 190 for a while now as I wanted to see if I can really tell a difference between that and a cheap foundation 'paddle' brush (My verdict to come!!). I also picked up the MAC 187 as I had heard amazing things about it and I have recently started applying foundation with these larger brushes. I think it uses less product and you are able to achieve a much more flawless finish! Definitely going to have a play around before I make my mind up but first impressions are very good - they are so soft!!!

That's it from me!

Love love

Ash xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Skin care regime!


Sorry we have been MIA of late we have been super busy with moving house and general real life rudely getting in the way! We are now back and have some fab posts coming up including a Lush review, a mini tour of Rox's brand new flat (and my bedroom in said flat), and little giveaway!

I have recently (bar last week when I got lazy and things went a bit to pot) felt the need to shout from the rooftops about my new skin care regime. I have never been one for sticking to a routine, I'm terrible, but I have had 'teenage' skin for far too bloody long! I have tried so many lotions and potions and tablets etc but nothing really worked that well and I'm pretty certain the main reason was, I didn't really use anything religiously. 

I have been using these four products every day for about a month and I have definitely seen a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin and I am super excited to share them!

First up the two L'Oreal products. The orange bottle is a foaming gentle exfoliating scrub for all skin types.  I have just spent a good minute sniffing this to try and think what it smells of and I really can't figure it out, having read the ingredients I think it's apricot. The blue is a foaming gel wash for normal/combination skin and this just smells of clean ness. I got these when I went shopping at home for £5 which was a real bargain as I have since seen them for £5.50 each!! As you can see they have a "scrublet" (Best. Word. Ever) which pops out of the top and I just wet my face, squeeze a small amount onto the scrublet, massage it in then rinse with hot then cold water. I use the scrub in the morning and the wash at night. These really are great, my skin feels super soft and clean afterwards and I definitely noticed a reduction in the size of my pores. The scrublets also have little sucker pads on the back which I assume are so you can stick them to the wall in the shower. I did not do this but I think it's a good space saving device.

If I was to have one tiiiiny moan about these products, it would be that they are easily broken. As you can see, the lid on my scrub has been broken off. This was Roxanne who was clearly on a one woman mission to prevent me from having clear skin....or she knocked it off the side with her towel accidentally, I will leave you to decide. I also noticed when buying these that the vast majority seemed to have lids broken and were leaking onto the shelves - not nice at all!

My next step is the Dermalogica Clean Start 'All Over Clear' toner. Clean Start is Dermalogica's range aimed at teenage skin and I purchased this quite a while ago but stopped using for some reason. It is definitely back in my good books. The main reason I like this toner so much is the spray bottle, it makes for super easy application and it feels lovely in the summer to just spritz your face. It dries quickly and tightens your skin up gently - not in the severe way that face masks do which I know a lot of people don't like. You can get this for £10.19 here and if you're in the UK I recommend buying here as it's tax free so gets you it a bit cheaper. Alternatively, you can try a selection of the products from the Clean Start range here for £18.56. If you've not tried Dermalogica, I would definitely recommend it, even if you're not plagued with teenage skin their skin kits are brilliant value for money and their face masks are amazing!

Finally, I use a T-Zone spot zapping stick. This stuff is the best 'on the spot'  product I have tried and works really well. It worked for Rox too as she was the one who recommended it to me! The only issue I have is the rollerball applicator as I'm not 100% convinced rollerballs are hygienic but so far, it's been fabulous.

Anywho, these are the products that have been keeping my skin happy of late as well as a weekly facemask and plenty of water, I will get to clear skin heaven soon! What are your skin care miracle products?

Love Love,

Ash xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

50% off Models Own!!!!!

Eeeeeeeh, super excited to tell you all that Models Own are having another 50% off offer!!!! All we have to do is help their Facebook group reach 50,000 Likes by August 31st. As I started writing this post, the group was on 28,105 is clearly a way to go!
They are also giving away huge prizes along the way and the next prize is at 30,000 Likes! Help us spread the word to Facebookers everywhere!
The same offer happened last year and Ash and I definitely made the most of it, we may also have already been on the website plannnig what we will be buying this year..don't judge us!