Tuesday, 16 August 2011

5 minute day time smoky eye and a package from the heavens!


My plan for this post was to do a step by step on this smoky eye but my GOD do I look mental in close up pictures of my eyes! I don't think the fact I had to use the camera built into my laptop helped, if I do more of these I might have to figure out a better way of taking the pictures - any suggestions?

Anyway, this is the eye look I have been wearing for work for the past few weeks as it is SUPER quick and I think it's really pretty.

Yep, that was the least freakish picture of the lot!! I'm really sorry about the quality of the shot, hopefully you get the gist, it's almost a bit metal themed colour wise with gold and bronze being the main colours used.

Here are the products I used.

Just a quick rundown of what I do as it really is so easy:-

  1. Apply a tiny bit of elf primer onto my lid to just past the crease of my eye (I literally use a minuscule amount for my tiny eyes!)
  2. Using Model's Own Eyeshadow Shading Brush (any large-ish eyeshadow brush will do) I apply a generous amount of the Famous by Sue Moxley Shimmer eye dust in 'Antique Gold' all across the lid
  3. Using Elf Professional Crease Brush (again, any rounded-y eyeshadow brush works) I apply the Famous by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Shimmer in shade 3 to the outer corner of my eye and blend it out across the crease. I apply quite a lot in the very corner of my eye to make it quite dark
  4. Next, I use Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner in Graphite (magazine freebie!!) in the outer corner and about half way along the top and bottom of my eye. I use this under the waterline. On the lid, I take this  thicker at the corner of the eye, just for added definition. 
  5. I use a BeautyUK Metallic Sparks eye pencil (I'm not sure of the colour but I think it's bronze) along my bottom waterline and the inner top lid. I use the shading brush to blend this out a bit
  6. My mascara of choice at the moment is Maybelline XXL Curl Power which has a white and a black end. I have quite long lashes anyway and with my small eyes I only need a tiny bit of this for that extra oompf!
This literally takes me about 3 minutes and has been a lifesaver on the days I just cannot be arsed to get out of bed!!! I also find that this look is super easy to glam up and just a bit extra of the dark liner and the darker Eyeshadow in the corners and you are good to go and have a few drinks and a dance!

Finaallllyy, I received a really exciting parcel today. MAC BRUSHES!!!! 

I have been sticking to my no spends august so haven't had much to get excited about this month (bar the arrival of Boudoir Prive and Glossy Boxes) but I bought these last month but just hadn't received them as they were not sent directly here.

I have been wanting the MAC 190 for a while now as I wanted to see if I can really tell a difference between that and a cheap foundation 'paddle' brush (My verdict to come!!). I also picked up the MAC 187 as I had heard amazing things about it and I have recently started applying foundation with these larger brushes. I think it uses less product and you are able to achieve a much more flawless finish! Definitely going to have a play around before I make my mind up but first impressions are very good - they are so soft!!!

That's it from me!

Love love

Ash xx


cornflakegirl said...

Ah I want MAC brushes no too...they look so good. I might have to implement a spending ban of my own.

cornflakegirl said...

*now, even. Oops.