Friday, 26 August 2011

Beautifully Delicious

Morning lovelies,
Apologies again for not posting much lately- as Ash said a few days ago- my boyfriend and I have just bought a gorgeous little apartment in West London and so my life has been a mixture of removal vans and DIY for the past couple of weeks!!

I just wanted to do a super quick post to tell you about a few products I have only just discovered!

As a mini treat to myself/celebration that I have a bath again, I have been buying bubble bath, bath bombs and random pampering treats non stop and at this rate, I may as well buy shares in Lush! In my defence- it has been 6 months since I have been able to have a bath and our new bathroom is gorgeous (see picture!!!)

To put it simply, I have fallen in love..this week, I finally tried two of the 'Beautifully Delicious' range. I bought the Papaya and Mango bath and shower gel and the Strawberry and Pomegranate body butter. Oh my good god, they are amazing!!! I know that these aren't new products, but I just HAD to blog about them. I literally cannot describe how fitting the brand name is, both smell AMAZING!!

The bath and shower gel creates so many bubbles and makes my bathroom smell all tropically (is that even a word!?). I have been using the body butter after my baths or showers and it makes my skin feel so luscious and soft. As an added bonus the gorgeous smell lasts FOREVER..ok not forever but a long time! Even the boyfriend was impressed, he was delighted that I now "smell like sweets".

I can't rave about these products enough and if you haven't tried them yet, add them to your shopping list..immediately!!! I bought mine from Beauty Box in Westfield but after a cheeky google, I can see that they are also available in Sainsbury's, Boots, Next and the KMI Club.
Enjoy your day my loves, bank holiday weekend is almost here! Love Love Rox xx

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