Monday, 29 August 2011

Got my Mojo back...


May I first apologise for the title, I just had to! Today, I am posting about the newest addition to my nail varnish collection, No7's 'Mojo'.

I love No7. It's quite a new found love, I have used their mascaras in the past but not really paid too much attention until exquisite curl came out earlier this year (I think?) and you got a free palette with purchase. I LOVED that mascara (despite accidentally buying it in brown black - this happens stupidly often with me, I never learn). The Palette was amazing too, gorgeous colours with decent pigmentation. Both me and Rox bought it and the colours suited both of us despite our vastly differing skin tones! I have also recently won the opportunity to test out their new lash adapt mascara which I have been putting though its paces this weekend and plan to post my verdict in the new few days.

Anyway, back to nail varnish. I actually got a few for Christmas last year from my lovely mum and I realised I had never tried them before! I was really impressed but at £7 a pop I have always found similar shades in cheaper brands and gone with them instead. With the £5 No7 vouchers back at the moment I grabbed the chance to pick up a new colour.

Without further ado....

This colour was annoyingly hard to photgraph. Neither of these shots really do it justice, it's much more orange in real life, it's a gorgeous vibrant shade and I love it! One thing I do like about No7 is the application is amazing. I find that with some nail varnishes, one coat colourwise is great but has streaky bits. No7 isn't like that and one coat of this was lovely and subtle. 2 coats was opaque. I used 3 coats just because I wanted it really bright and it did take quite a long time to dry but that could just have been the number of coats.

No7 nail varnishes tend to be super long lasting. I don't tend to wear a top coat and I find No7 to take a good while to chip. Definitely need to stop being a tight arse and get buying these more often!

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Love Love

Ash xx

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