Thursday, 25 August 2011

Homemade Facemasks!!


So, we were together in London this weekend at Rox's swish new pad and decided to make ourselves a facemask each and share with you guys how we got on.

We used:- 

3 Asprin  
1 Banana  
A Spoonful of Sour Cream

and Ash used a handful of strawberries too. Rox couldn't as she is  slightly allergic!

How to:-

First crush the Asprin into a bowl and add a tinny drop of water to make into a bit of a paste.

Next add your fruit and mash it all up together. (Rox's pictured)
Add a bit of Honey, we didn't really measure but I'd say about a spoonful

Add the sourcream

Mix it all together and 'Ta Da!' (Ash's pictured)

Slop it on your face!!

Actually getting it on was harder than imagined as it was a bit sloppier than your general facemask. We also made FAAAAR too much! It was definitely a case of pushing it into your skin to get it to stay!

Here are some super sexy pics of the finished product

 So we left them on for about 10-15 mins (most of which we spent giggling and posing for pictures!)

While on your face these felt super fresh and you could definitely feel something going on. The smell was also AMAZING and if a bit fell off your top lip and into your mouth - it didn't taste too shabby either!

The Verdict

These were suprisingly good! They left our skin feeling silky smooth and lovely and soft. Rox has super sensitive skin and she didn't get any rashes as we worried she might and Ash is ever so slightly spot prone and has not broken out!

All in all these are super fun to make and definitely money saving once you've got the staples! If you're having a girlie night in we would say one bowlful (with the quantities above) would make face masks for at least 4 people and would advise every lady out there to give it a go!

Love Love xxxxxxx



Stacey said...

Hey Girls, looks like a lot of fun!

One Question; I get the rest of the ingredients, but i'm just wondering about the sour cream? I've never heard of or would have thought to use!

Thanks <3

Rox and Ash said...

Hey Stacey,

I'm sure you will have heard of sour cream - it's what you get on Nachos!!

If the idea creeps you out you can use natural yoghurt but that is obvs a bit thinner in consistency so might be more messy.

We combined a few recipes for ours but one of the recipes suggested using your own facial moisturiser too!

Get trying it out! We'd love to see pics!


Stacey said...

Haha I know what sour cream is... What I meant was that I didn't know why it was used. Don't think I communicated that though... silly me!
Thanks for tips! xx

Rox and Ash said...

Ahhh Sorry!

Sour Cream has lactic acid in it which helps remove dead skin cells. No-one wants dead skin cells on their face now do they! (Or anywhere else really!)