Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Little Giveaway...[Closed]


We have been super excited about starting this blog for ages and are really happy that there are actually people who like to read it! So we thought we would do a small giveaway just as a thanks really!

The goodies are mostly things we use and love and a couple of bits we have reviewed or intend to review! They are : -
  1. H&M Summer Nails Nail Varnish Set
  2. Lush Happy Hippy Hair and Body Gel
  3. E.L.F. All Over Colour Stick in 'Persimmon'
  4. A FABULOUS hand made hair clip ( a new one will be made to send to the winner)
  5. E.L.F. Eyelid Primer
  6. NYC Metro Quartet in 'Chelsea Chic'
  7. E.L.F. Matte Top Coat
  8. MUA Lipstick  in shade 12
  9. Loreal Paris Duo Eyeshadow in 'beige lift'
  10. MUA Eye Shadow in shade 7
  11. Sally Hansen Ultra Soothing Lip Tint in 'Cranberry'
To enter all you have to do is follow the blog publicly and comment on this post with your gfc name (The name you use to subscribe to us with).

For an extra entry, follow us on twitter and tweet about the giveaway with a link to this post and don't forget to include your twitter name in your comment on the post.

The giveaway ends at midnight on 6th September and we will announce the winner on the 7th.

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cornflakegirl said...

Some really lovely stuff there girls, the flower clip is pretty Rox.


Sugar And Smile said...

The nail varnish set looks lovely... As does the MUA eye shadow

GFC - Sugar And Smile

Sílvia said...

Lovely giveaway, so many good things! Is this open to International readers? (I'm from Portugal). If so, I'd love to enter.

GFC: Sílvia
Twitter: @silviapco
Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/silviapco/status/106410287057481728

Mandy,Crafty Angel, the original said...

what gorgeous goodies!! found you on the elf facebook page, so glad I did, delighted to be a follower :) xx

Rox and Ash said...

Hi girls, glad to see you are excited about our giveaway, we are too! The giveaway is open to all our subscribers, including international readers..spread the word!
Good luck and have a lovely evening <3

Ronn said...

hey i just found your blog and its lovely,
please enter me in the giveaway, i think my gfc name is 'ronn'but incase its wrong, i followed you on twitter too :)

[@rominamasood] xx

amelia_avossa said...


I AM FOLLOWING AND TWWITTER ami4levi <3 WOOOP goodluck <3

Stacey said...

Looks like a great haul, lots of amazing things to try....

gfc - Stacey!

Also following on Twitter :D


Jessica Carvalho said...

Hi !
Thanks for this opportunity !
Nice prices ^^

GFC: jessica carvalho
Twitter: @JessicaCarval13
tweet : https://twitter.com/#!/JessicaCarval13/status/106810725627990016

Good luck for everyone !
Love <3

Jessica Carvalho said...

Sorry , tecnical error xD
prizes* :D

amandaxmichelle said...

Great Giveaway!


Amy Verning said...

Thanks for having a Giveaway.
gfc- Amy Verning
check out my blog: http://inmyfashionbubble.blogspot.com

sandy levitt said...

I only just discovered this blog since you posted the link on lush limited, but i'm glad I did :D

gfc - sandy levitt.

:)Thankyou! XX

bex said...

I couldn't figure out how to follow you...I assume GFC stands for Google Friend Connect? I couldn't find your link anywhere, but I would like to enter the giveaway.

Kerri_Jane said...


they NYC eyeshadow set looks like it has a good colour choice in it, I havnt tried any NYC would you reccomend it?

Rox and Ash said...

Yea, we really like the NYC colours too, good for daytime smokey eyes we thought.

It was hard to chose which palette to get because their colour selections are so great. We really like this product and hope the winner does too!


amy91 said...

hi!thank you for this giveaway
gfc: annalisa9109

Rox and Ash said...

Hey Bex, you can follow via the link in the sidebar which says join this site and has pictures of all our beautiful followers!


Nina said...
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Rox and Ash said...

I'm off to check it out now Nina!

-Ash xx

Nina said...

Hey Great Give-away thanks girlies
GFC: ninacarry2011
Twitter: ninacarry
tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/ninacarry
I have also posted this giveaway on the side of my blog :)

well done on you blog i love it if you have time pop over to mine be nice to see you ;)

Nina said...

sorry i notice i made a glitch in my we address its:


Velvet said...

Love the page - and your generous giveaway. :-D Tweeted about your offer too.

GFC: Velvet
Twitter: @gillianjoseph

Can't work out how to find the link for the tweet, but you should be able to see it there. :-) Have a lovely day!

fortuna93 said...

GFC: Fortuna93

Lovely blog and such a great giveaway!

Keren Leah/Girl Torque Blog said...

Fab giveaway - some gorgeous things! I have tweeted and linked to this post.
GFC - Keren Leah (Girl Torque Blog) Twitter - @kerenleah

Looking forward to reading your posts :) x

SWEET said...

Email: Rabiya_23jan@hotmail.com
tweet this link http://twitter.com/#!/cutegirlsaid/status/109935887919480832

GinaG said...

Gorgeous site!

GFC - GinaG

Twitter: Giantgina

loves xx

Ally said...

GFC : Elena-Alina Popa
Twitter : theuniqueally
tweet : http://twitter.com/#!/theuniqueally/status/109935913852866560

Such a great giveaway ! I love all those products ! <3

Butterfly77 said...


GFC: Butterfly77

Thanks for this opportunity !

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is such a such a lovely giveaway!
I've got my fingers crossed as everything included is gorgeous!
Following on GFC: rachdreaming
tweeted @rachdreaming
=) x

doroffee said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I hope it's international :).
I follow you via gfc as doroffee.


nevaeheaven said...

following as nevaeheaven and on twitter as nevaeheaven.....great give away :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff you have got there! I'd love to enter (and win ofcourse :D )

My GFC is nZ!
Followed you on twitter as: nznaeem

Here is the link to my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/nznaeem/status/109945506796535808

Thank you so much! <3

Ruth said...

This is such a lovely giveaway!!

GFC: Ruth
Email: ruth.gistelinck@hotmail.com

Following you on twitter: RuthGBCN
I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/RuthGBCN/status/109946491614920704

Thanks!! xx

Anonymous said...


GFC: Adela
E-mail: adlavoinea [at] yahoo [dot] com
Following you on Twitter with the name: @ynocenta
Twitted link: http://twitter.com/#!/ynocenta/status/109950406716702721

Thank you for the chance to participate! :)

JenWilsonX said...

Hi girls, I absolutely love your blog and just recently created my own so I can join in! Tweeted you on Twitter, you'll see it here! http://twitter.com/#!/JenWilson1X
This giveaway looks brilliant, would love to get my hands on any one of those products, I'd be so lucky to get them all!
from JenWilsonX :)

samantha fox said...

GFC: samantha fox
TWITTER: @foxy1982
TWEETED LINK: http://twitter.com/#!/foxy1982/status/109951094276358144

Maryen said...


GfC name: Maryen
Email: viorica@spwned.net

Thank you for the giveaway! ^^

Olga said...

Such lovely goodies!

GFC: Olga

Twitter follower @olgap77 and tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/olgap77/status/109951945128677376

email: olgaliki77(at)gmail(dot)com


Nik B said...

Wow so generous! What a fab page and fab prize. Would love to be put in the draw, thanks xxx

ayesha x said...

awesome giveaway!

GFC name: ayesha x
twitter name: ayeshawoo


glimmo said...

GFC : glimmo

email: fatimagill@live.com

twitter name: @FatemaGill

tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/FatemaGill/status/109963179056041984

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! Good luck to everyone! :D

GFC: AnimeAngel1016
Twitter: Sk3lly_Tin
Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/Sk3lly_Tin/status/109967471582257152

softkiss51 said...

Lovely giveaway! Thankyou very much!
Following your blog on GFC
Tweeted and following on twitter @sweer_Kat30

Anonymous said...

Hi :-) I am a fresh new follower of your blog (GFC DalaLuz) You guys selected a really nice give away package, and I really love that MUA color green, what a lovely shade!
So please enter me because I want to play with them! LOL :p
mail lucia at erickerns dot com

Simply,Cassy said...

This is a really great giveaway. Everything looks wonderful.

GFC: cassy_catastrophe
E-mail: KilljoysMakeNoise@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

GFC : Lovely Make Up
Twitter : @Lovely_Make_up
tweet : http://twitter.com/#!/Lovely_Make_Up/status/110285040369401857

Emma said...

GFC: Emma Bourke
Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/emmabo26/status/110328826986369026

linda said...

GFC- linda callaghan
tweeted- http://twitter.com/#!/callaghanlinda/status/110340039447289857

Great giveaway!

roisin said...

Nice competition,my follower name is roisin.duffy1982@gmail.com or Twitter name roroduff@yahoo.com

joyann1968 said...

GFC: Joyce Perkins/joyann1968
Email: joyann68@gmail.com
Twitter: @joyann1968
Tweeted about Giveaway:

sizzlinghinanaz said...

i really want to win :D


sizzlinghinanaz said...


mell61 said...

GFC: mell61
Twitter: mell61

I'd love to win, great prizes!

natasha60000 said...

GFC: Natasha Shafique
Email: natasha_shafique.com
Twitter: Natasha540
Tweeted about Giveaway:

Elenita said...

great giveaway! love it!
gfc: Elenita


peniam said...

yaaay, I wanna join :)))
GFC: peniam
mail: mpeczka at gmail dot com
Twitter: @Peniamm
Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/Peniamm/status/110430191205101568

Thank you

Anonymous said...

gfc: xyoulovekarlene
email: xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com

Sarah said...

I'm after those summer nail polishes!! Pick me!

Sarah xx :)

Comme3Pommes said...

Enter me please :)
GFC: Comme3pommes
email: ohhhcomme3pommes@gmail.com


Sarah said...

Wow, what a great giveaway! :)

GFC: Sarah Crawford
Twitter: sarahcrawford14
Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/sarahcrawford14/status/110530362756706304


Oana said...

GFC: Oana
email: oana [dot] catalyna [at] yahoo [dot] com
Twitter: Oana Catalina (@kittyqtza)
Twitter link: http://twitter.com/#!/kittyqtza/status/110603930160992256

mehak said...

tweet link :https://twitter.com/#!/mehak_sheikh/status/110659141063811072

thank you :)

Batool Jafri said...

GFC : Batool Jafri

Email: b.jafru26@gmail.com

Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/bjafri/status/110821854444396544

Leptirich said...
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Leptirich said...

Hellou! Great giveaway :)

GFC: Leptirich
Twitter: LeptirichBlog
Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/LeptirichBlog/status/111210422207647745
Mail: vgyerek(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you :*

JaZziE said...

Please enter me..
Name: Jessica
Email: jessicalie08@hotmail.com

Twitter: @jessically
Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/Jessically/status/111248973196566528

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!

Ellie M said...

Great giveaway!! :)

gfc: ellie21makeup