Monday, 15 August 2011

Skin care regime!


Sorry we have been MIA of late we have been super busy with moving house and general real life rudely getting in the way! We are now back and have some fab posts coming up including a Lush review, a mini tour of Rox's brand new flat (and my bedroom in said flat), and little giveaway!

I have recently (bar last week when I got lazy and things went a bit to pot) felt the need to shout from the rooftops about my new skin care regime. I have never been one for sticking to a routine, I'm terrible, but I have had 'teenage' skin for far too bloody long! I have tried so many lotions and potions and tablets etc but nothing really worked that well and I'm pretty certain the main reason was, I didn't really use anything religiously. 

I have been using these four products every day for about a month and I have definitely seen a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin and I am super excited to share them!

First up the two L'Oreal products. The orange bottle is a foaming gentle exfoliating scrub for all skin types.  I have just spent a good minute sniffing this to try and think what it smells of and I really can't figure it out, having read the ingredients I think it's apricot. The blue is a foaming gel wash for normal/combination skin and this just smells of clean ness. I got these when I went shopping at home for £5 which was a real bargain as I have since seen them for £5.50 each!! As you can see they have a "scrublet" (Best. Word. Ever) which pops out of the top and I just wet my face, squeeze a small amount onto the scrublet, massage it in then rinse with hot then cold water. I use the scrub in the morning and the wash at night. These really are great, my skin feels super soft and clean afterwards and I definitely noticed a reduction in the size of my pores. The scrublets also have little sucker pads on the back which I assume are so you can stick them to the wall in the shower. I did not do this but I think it's a good space saving device.

If I was to have one tiiiiny moan about these products, it would be that they are easily broken. As you can see, the lid on my scrub has been broken off. This was Roxanne who was clearly on a one woman mission to prevent me from having clear skin....or she knocked it off the side with her towel accidentally, I will leave you to decide. I also noticed when buying these that the vast majority seemed to have lids broken and were leaking onto the shelves - not nice at all!

My next step is the Dermalogica Clean Start 'All Over Clear' toner. Clean Start is Dermalogica's range aimed at teenage skin and I purchased this quite a while ago but stopped using for some reason. It is definitely back in my good books. The main reason I like this toner so much is the spray bottle, it makes for super easy application and it feels lovely in the summer to just spritz your face. It dries quickly and tightens your skin up gently - not in the severe way that face masks do which I know a lot of people don't like. You can get this for £10.19 here and if you're in the UK I recommend buying here as it's tax free so gets you it a bit cheaper. Alternatively, you can try a selection of the products from the Clean Start range here for £18.56. If you've not tried Dermalogica, I would definitely recommend it, even if you're not plagued with teenage skin their skin kits are brilliant value for money and their face masks are amazing!

Finally, I use a T-Zone spot zapping stick. This stuff is the best 'on the spot'  product I have tried and works really well. It worked for Rox too as she was the one who recommended it to me! The only issue I have is the rollerball applicator as I'm not 100% convinced rollerballs are hygienic but so far, it's been fabulous.

Anywho, these are the products that have been keeping my skin happy of late as well as a weekly facemask and plenty of water, I will get to clear skin heaven soon! What are your skin care miracle products?

Love Love,

Ash xx


cornflakegirl said...

Great post Ash, it's brilliant when you find a skin care regime that actually works for you.

I've always been intrigued by the L'Oreal scrublet thing but I think it might be too much for my sensitive skin to cope with so haven't ventured to actually trying it.

Rox and Ash said...

Thanks, it definitely is!

Have you tried the nutrogena wave? I think it's quite similar but you can buy the little pads for it so you can probably chose one's with less abrasion?