Thursday, 22 September 2011

A little bit of sparkle..

So..Yet again I broke another shopping ban, it seems I have zero self control when it comes to buying things. Since moving to the new apartment I have found bottle after bottle of nail varnish. How and when did I acquire so many!? And why!? Some of them were unopened, lying in the bottom of carrier bags. Anyway, I decided that September would be my "No new nail polish" month. FAIL..On Friday last week, I introduced a work colleague to 'Models Own' and we got so over excited looking at all the different colours that I let her persuade me to break my ban and bought three new colours!!!  
Look how gorgeous and sparkly the colours are..I'm in LOVE! This isn't the first time I have bought Models Own nail polishes (I went crazy during the 50% off sale last year) and I just love them, there are approximately a billion colours to choose from and they last for ages!

It was like Christmas on Tuesday when our little parcel arrived and it really brightened up our otherwise busy and stressful day. So now Friday's have now been labelled "treat day" and the plan is to order a new treat that one of us hasn't tried.  Let me know if you can recommend anything for us to try!! 
Love Love, Rox xxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cos a girl only needs so much storage...


Sorry we have been a bit MIA this past week, we have been busy ladies and inspiration has been sparce! I apologise in advance for what is a majorly wordy post - but it's for a good cause so allow me  to waffle at you.

Today, whilst mooching about on the internet something really great caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you.

Me and Rox are both signed up to Glossybox (which I just misspelled as gloosybox and hilarity my my laptop....on my own) and we absolutely love it. Luckily, we missed out on "Batiste-gate" and have enjoyed three brilliant boxes. We both also signed up to Boudoir Prive although I subsequently unsubscribed for reasons that need not be entered into at this moment in time! Anyway, as most of you know, these aren't the only monthly subscription boxes out there, if I'm thinking correctly, it is quite possible to be receiving 4 or 5 boxes of goodies a month! 

As these boxes offer samples of things you might not have tried, it's possible that you might get something that you can't use, or don't want to use, from time to time. 

There's also the possibility that you have numerous pink boxes cluttering up your work tops and sticking out from under your bed. There are obviously loads of ways to use these for yourself, but come on ladies, must we really divide up all of our drawers into smaller, pinker, compartments?!?!?!!!

Today, I stumbled across something which can solve these two issues in one, feel good swoop! Give and Make Up is a non profit initiative which provides essentials to the victims of domestic abuse. 

At work, I come across a lot of cases of women who have experienced domestic abuse and have done something about it. However, stealing a statistic from Give and Make Up's site, the average woman experience violence 35 times before they call the police, and that's just the first call, that's not them finally gathering the courage to get away. 

Give and Make Up provide women who have got away the little luxuries they probably didn't think to take with them - I imagine that foundation and a bit of lippy aren't top of the list when you're worried for your safety and the safety of your children! Foundation and a bit of lippy are however, everyday little things which make us ladies feel fabulous and it's these little things which Give and Make Up are asking us to donate.

You can find out more on their website but they basically want anything and everything you can spare that is new or lightly used; Their criteria being "If you'd give it to a friend... we'll take it", although for hygiene reasons, they do ask that anything with an applicator be new.

I surprised myself with what I found lurking about in various storage boxes about my room and the bathroom and managed to practically fill a glossybox box with different unused body moisturisers alone! I topped it up with some eyeshadows and eyeliners and I can't wait to send it off!

So if you're currently wading through a sea of pink boxes and unwanted beauty products - get donating!!! Click here to find out where to send your bits and bobs.

Love love

Ash xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And the winner is...

We are super excited to finally announce the winner of our giveaway!! But before I do, we just wanted to thank you all so much for following our blog and entering our giveaway! We read each and every comment think you guys are so sweet.
Now for the important bit!!!! To ensure we were completely fair to everyone who entered, we gave everyone a number and used a random number generator to choose the winner! 
And the winner is *Drum roll please*..*dramatic pause* Amelia_avossa!
Well done Amelia, you win all the goodies!! Please email us your address details at and we will post you your giveaway parcel!! Thanks again for entering everyone, look out for future posts/giveaways. 
 Love love, Rox and Ash xx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Catwalk Make-up Autumn 2011


A few days ago I was mooching around on line, passing the time, looking at things I couldn't afford and became totally inspired by catwalk makeup! I love having a play around and trying new things but I've never really attempted anything fashion-y and I tend to end up with smoky eye no matter what I start with!

I attempted to tone down the looks into wearable day time or night time makeup. This post is picture heavy and I apologise now for the faces I pull...My face morphs when the flash goes I swear. These were the best of the bunch so yous can only imagine how terrifying some of the others were!

Vera Wang - Grunge!

I used a soft black eyeliner, navy and plum shadow on the upper lid and a brown under the lower lash line. I used a small slick of mascara.

I used a tiiiny amount of plummy cream blush under the cheekbones and a frosty pink lippy mixed with a bit of deep red lip tint.

I think I would wear this look on a night out, I tend to use a lot of purples anyway and this is quite dramatic! 

Philip Lim - Green

I used a teal-y green as a base on the upper lid. I then used a darker shade in the crease and blended it down into the teal and also up towards the brow. (Obvs a bit less than she to my left!)

I used white as a hight in the corners of the eye. 

I lined my eyes with a greeny blue and added some pink lippy      and a bit of gloss!

I used bronzer to contour, and sucked my cheeks in lots... her cheekbones are INSANE!

Maria Grachvogel - Dark

I used a really deep purple lippy for this and mixed a bit of blue eyeshadow with some vaseline for a bit of blue in the centre of my bottom lip which I bended out.

I bulked my brows out a bit and used a tawny colour on my lids

Anna Sui - Arcs

 I used a peachy shade all over the lid. I then used a grey eyeliner and drew a line just above my crease out to the end of my brow. I lined my bottom lash line with black liner and spiked my lashes with mascara.

I used a peach cream blush and highlighted my cheek, nose, and the dip in my top lip.

I used a pinky lip tint.

So, my faves were probably Vera Wang and Anna Sui. I think the line in the Anna Sui look really elongates the width of your eye and is a super pretty day look and I can't wait to wear the Vera Wang look on a night out.

I intended to try out wearable Rodarte (left) and Thakoon (right) looks too but I just didn't have the time, colours, or creativity! 

Have you been inspired by autumn/winter makeup? Would you wear any of these?

Love love

Ash xx

p.s. don't forget to enter our competition here which ends on Tuesday! The MUA green shadow would be perfect of the Philip Lim look and the NYC palette has great purples for the Vera Wang eye!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mascara madness


So, I have been a very lucky girlie this past week and have managed to get my hands on THREE new mascaras free of charge!!! (Well, one was my Glossy Box so...almost free of charge!). I thought I would put them through their paces and challenge them to fight for the title of...well...Ash's best new mascara.

I chose 9 categories which I scored each of the mascaras in and the winner is the one which got the most points - very scientific.

Here is a creepy picture of my eyelashes without mascara! I am naturally dirty blonde so my eyelashes aren't completely dark. They are quite long which is lucky but they are quite unruly in where they decide to go and no amount of combing helps as you will see in the pics below. I only combed them before applying as I didn't want this experiment to be biased!

I also have tiiiiny eyes, I need all the help I can get with regards to opening them up and definitely need hardcore mascara which does not transfer onto my lids throughout the day. Finally, the rest of the pictures I took with flash so please ignore droopy eye - natural reaction to blinding light! Also, ignore stray eyebrows, I am constantly growing them out to try and shape them, not shaping them nicely and starting all over again.

Without further ado...

No7 Lash Adapt
I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this product from a discussion on No7's facebook page which Roxanne informed me about!

Colour:- 8/10. Decent dark black, nothing hugely special but no complaints.
Length:- 8/10. Great, this is definitely a lengthening dream.
Volume:- 5/10. I didn't notice much by way of additional volume. This could be because you are able to apply numerous coats, but when I added more coats I tended to get more clumps rather than more volume.
Separation:- 6/10. After one coat I was really impressed with the separation and the mascara would have got a better mark, but it's ad campaign claims that you can apply up to 6 coats and like I said above, the more coats I applied, the more clumps I got.
Curl:- 7/10. 
Bottom Lash Compatibility:- 6/10. This mascara made me feel a bit spidery on my bottom lashes.
Transfer:- 6/10. I wore this to work and when I nipped to the toilet I had black marks all along my lid....attractive times!
Ease of use:- 6/10. As you can see in the picture, this has quite a big brush and with my tiny eyes it's not the easiest to get to the root. It's also not particularly easy to get it into the corner of the eyes. I had to remove some product along the side of the tube also.
Ease of removal:- 9/10. This was really easy to get off with a normal face wipe.
Price:- 8/10. This was the cheapest of the bunch at £12.50 (£7.50 until 11 September 2011 if you have a No7 voucher!). Obviously No7 is sort of 'high end high street' so it's a bit more expensive than some brands but I'd say it's definitely worth it, especially with a voucher!
Total:- 69/100

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet
I got this in my GlossyBox.

Colour:- 8/10. As above! 
Length:- 9/10. This mascara adds great length.
Volume:-  6/10. Again, this didn't add much volume but I did like it a bit more than the No7.
Separation:- 10/10. This stuff is AMAZING. 'nuf said.
Curl:- 7/10. This stuff definitely holds it's curl well which is lovely!!
Bottom Lash Compatibility:- 7/10. Again, a bit spidery for me but a bit less so than No7.
Transfer:- 10/10. Not a single smudge on my lid - so impressed. I don't think I have come across a mascara which managed to do this! Bravo Mr Sandler!!
Ease of use:- 8/10. Another big brush. I found this one a bit easier to use though. A good amount of product came out on the brush and I  only needed a few slicks to get fab coverage.
Ease of removal:- 9/10. This was also easy to get off with a wipe.
Price:- 9/10. This is £14.85 on Urban Retreat which I think is great. This mascara is amazing. I would pay more for it, though obviously I'm glad I don't have to! 
Total:- 81/100

My friend actually gave this to me after a make up clear out as she preferred a different one and wasn't going to use it any more. Unfortunately, I cannot find the name of it anywhere, it was a limited edition tube. If anyone knows please let me know in the comments!

Colour:- 9/10. This looks a bit more black than the others which I like.
Length:- 10/10. This made my lashes the longest of the lot!
Volume:- 5/10. Not hugely impressed with the volume.
Separation:- 4/10. As you can see, this mascara seemed to clump a lot more than the others. It had a thicker consistency and that didn't seem to help. When I wore this, I had to comb through my lashes with a different mascara brush to separate them out.
Curl:- 4/10. This mascara had a curved brush so I thought it would be great for curl but unfortunately it seemed to straighten my eyelashes! The friend who gave it to me said that she also had to use curlers with this product.
Bottom Lash Compatibility:- 9/10. I like this mascara on my bottom lashes. It adds definition without being too extreme.
Transfer:- 5/10. I think this is due to the thickness of the product but it transferred straight away. Definitely not a mascara to slick on and dash off as it does need time to dry. However, once dried, there was no transference onto the lids.
Ease of use:- 6/10. The thinner brush meant I could get to the smaller corner lashes but again, the thickness of the mascara made it a bit of a nightmare to apply
Ease of removal:- 8/10. Slightly more difficult to remove due to it being a bit thicker!
Price:- 7/10. Obviously I can't find this actual mascara online but on Boots Chanel mascaras are £22.50 so I imagine it was about this price. I think this is a lot and I definitely believe you're paying for the brand name rather than quality. I will keep trying with it but mainly because I hate to be defeated.
Total:- 68/100


Guys, you have NO idea how long it took me to make that, I hope you appreciate my caveman paint net attempts!!

But yes, the winner is Daniel Sandler's Jumbo Jet mascara. I think this could be one that I actually repurchase, I have only ever repurchased one other mascara so for me this is HUGE! 

I do still really like the No7 mascara and if I'm low on pennies and the vouchers are out I would probs repurchase it. The Chanel...I think on nights where maybe I am going for a 60's twiggy-esque vibe, this mascara would work but for everyday it's just a bit too much like hard work!!!

Have you guys tried any of these? What are your mascara recommendations?

Love love,

Ash xx

Friday, 2 September 2011

August Favourites!


We are so excited to do a favourites, we attempted to do it for July but didn't manage to get it sorted but we are on it this month!

So, we both chose 3 favourite products and 1 product which disappointed us.


No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 wipes - Rox has nattered on and on about these facewipes for an absolute age and if I am completely honest, I often zoned out. How can one type of facewipe be that different to any other...? I WAS WRONG! These are amazing. I don't know what they do, or how they do it but my skin feels amazing using these! I have 2 back up packs bought with the No7 vouchers and I hope they last until the next vouchers are out; I still feel queasy spending £7 on facewipes - cheapo!

Mac Lady Danger lipstick - I have had this for a few months now, I got it when I had a mac makeover for a friend's birthday. At the time, my love affair with lippy had started and this colour scared the hell out of me! Since then, I have got used it and I figured out that if applied with a light hand it can be super subtle as well as the matt,orange based based red it was born to be!

Weleda Pomegranite Weleda Body Oil - This was in the July GlossyBox as you probably all know and I absolutely LOVE it! It smells like cola bottle sweets and is gorgeous to use. It makes my skin super soft, especially after a good exfoliate. I even think I might be willing to splash out the £20 it costs in shops when this bottle runs out! (How creepy does it look in the picture!)

I struggled to think of something which had disappointed me this month, especially with no spends August in place I hadn't really bought much new! I have chosen a product which I received in my Boudoir Prive Box. Full disclosure, I have only used this product once and I fully intend to try it again but I had to think of something!

Sachajuan Hair Repair - First of all...look at the packaging!!! I have heard of minimalist chic but this is taking the mickey a bit no? I did wonder if maybe this wasn't the actual product's packaging but it does have all the details on the back so...I definitely judge a product by it's packaging and I would never have bought this from a shop. Secondly, it just did nothing for my hair. At all. If anything, my hair felt less soft than with my normal conditioner! I know a lot of people have loved this and really got on with it but as far as I'm concerned, it hasn't been much good for me so far!


Picking my August favourites was far harder than I expected!!! I feel like I obsessed over so many things last month, how can I pick just 3!!! After much deliberation I chose:

Beautifully delicious strawberry and pomegranate body butter (read my review here). I just don't think I could love this more, the smell, the way it feels, just love LOVE

Elf stipple brush- this was the first stipple brush I have had and I am so impressed! I use this to apply my foundation and whilst i have always loved normal foundation brushes, i am a total convert to stipple brushes- i just think it gives a smoother finish! My next plan is to buy another one to apply my blusher. As an added bonus, this brush was only £3- bargainous! (that's definitely a real word haha

Soap and glory flake off body polish- oh my good god- If I could create my own exfoliator/ body polish this is exactly what it would be like! I have tried a billion exfoliators over the years but this is by far my favourite! It is so gritty (literally couldn't think of a nicer word!) and each time I use it, my skin is left feeling so silky smooth and smells delicious

Now for my hate.. I really don't like being negative about things but this really really bugged me. 

Elf nail polishes- now don't get me wrong, I have several elf nail polishes and I love them, but the latest two I ordered just weren't what I was expecting! Pretty colours but they look completely different in real life to what they look like on the website- very annoying!!!!! 

So, that's all folks! Have you tried any of these? What are your faves this month?

Rox and Ash xx

Summer Nails

Hi my loves,

As you know, we have a giveaway running at the moment, (click here to enter!! ) and when Ash and I went on a shopping trip to buy the prizes, we ended up buying more than one of some things because we wanted them too!!!

Now..I must have every colour of nail varnish known to man but I couldn't resist buying the HnM summer nail polish set! I love them!! The colours are so bright and looked great after just one coat! The only one that was slightly disappointing was the glittery green, which took 3-4 coats.

I am so impressed with this little set, it was super cheap, the colours are amazing and I have had it on for just under a week now and it's still glossy with no chips.
I'm so glad I gave these a try- they were perfect for my summery outfit for Notting Hill Carnival!!
Don't forget to enter our giveaway to win a pack of your own!!