Friday, 2 September 2011

August Favourites!


We are so excited to do a favourites, we attempted to do it for July but didn't manage to get it sorted but we are on it this month!

So, we both chose 3 favourite products and 1 product which disappointed us.


No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 wipes - Rox has nattered on and on about these facewipes for an absolute age and if I am completely honest, I often zoned out. How can one type of facewipe be that different to any other...? I WAS WRONG! These are amazing. I don't know what they do, or how they do it but my skin feels amazing using these! I have 2 back up packs bought with the No7 vouchers and I hope they last until the next vouchers are out; I still feel queasy spending £7 on facewipes - cheapo!

Mac Lady Danger lipstick - I have had this for a few months now, I got it when I had a mac makeover for a friend's birthday. At the time, my love affair with lippy had started and this colour scared the hell out of me! Since then, I have got used it and I figured out that if applied with a light hand it can be super subtle as well as the matt,orange based based red it was born to be!

Weleda Pomegranite Weleda Body Oil - This was in the July GlossyBox as you probably all know and I absolutely LOVE it! It smells like cola bottle sweets and is gorgeous to use. It makes my skin super soft, especially after a good exfoliate. I even think I might be willing to splash out the £20 it costs in shops when this bottle runs out! (How creepy does it look in the picture!)

I struggled to think of something which had disappointed me this month, especially with no spends August in place I hadn't really bought much new! I have chosen a product which I received in my Boudoir Prive Box. Full disclosure, I have only used this product once and I fully intend to try it again but I had to think of something!

Sachajuan Hair Repair - First of all...look at the packaging!!! I have heard of minimalist chic but this is taking the mickey a bit no? I did wonder if maybe this wasn't the actual product's packaging but it does have all the details on the back so...I definitely judge a product by it's packaging and I would never have bought this from a shop. Secondly, it just did nothing for my hair. At all. If anything, my hair felt less soft than with my normal conditioner! I know a lot of people have loved this and really got on with it but as far as I'm concerned, it hasn't been much good for me so far!


Picking my August favourites was far harder than I expected!!! I feel like I obsessed over so many things last month, how can I pick just 3!!! After much deliberation I chose:

Beautifully delicious strawberry and pomegranate body butter (read my review here). I just don't think I could love this more, the smell, the way it feels, just love LOVE

Elf stipple brush- this was the first stipple brush I have had and I am so impressed! I use this to apply my foundation and whilst i have always loved normal foundation brushes, i am a total convert to stipple brushes- i just think it gives a smoother finish! My next plan is to buy another one to apply my blusher. As an added bonus, this brush was only £3- bargainous! (that's definitely a real word haha

Soap and glory flake off body polish- oh my good god- If I could create my own exfoliator/ body polish this is exactly what it would be like! I have tried a billion exfoliators over the years but this is by far my favourite! It is so gritty (literally couldn't think of a nicer word!) and each time I use it, my skin is left feeling so silky smooth and smells delicious

Now for my hate.. I really don't like being negative about things but this really really bugged me. 

Elf nail polishes- now don't get me wrong, I have several elf nail polishes and I love them, but the latest two I ordered just weren't what I was expecting! Pretty colours but they look completely different in real life to what they look like on the website- very annoying!!!!! 

So, that's all folks! Have you tried any of these? What are your faves this month?

Rox and Ash xx

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