Sunday, 4 September 2011

Catwalk Make-up Autumn 2011


A few days ago I was mooching around on line, passing the time, looking at things I couldn't afford and became totally inspired by catwalk makeup! I love having a play around and trying new things but I've never really attempted anything fashion-y and I tend to end up with smoky eye no matter what I start with!

I attempted to tone down the looks into wearable day time or night time makeup. This post is picture heavy and I apologise now for the faces I pull...My face morphs when the flash goes I swear. These were the best of the bunch so yous can only imagine how terrifying some of the others were!

Vera Wang - Grunge!

I used a soft black eyeliner, navy and plum shadow on the upper lid and a brown under the lower lash line. I used a small slick of mascara.

I used a tiiiny amount of plummy cream blush under the cheekbones and a frosty pink lippy mixed with a bit of deep red lip tint.

I think I would wear this look on a night out, I tend to use a lot of purples anyway and this is quite dramatic! 

Philip Lim - Green

I used a teal-y green as a base on the upper lid. I then used a darker shade in the crease and blended it down into the teal and also up towards the brow. (Obvs a bit less than she to my left!)

I used white as a hight in the corners of the eye. 

I lined my eyes with a greeny blue and added some pink lippy      and a bit of gloss!

I used bronzer to contour, and sucked my cheeks in lots... her cheekbones are INSANE!

Maria Grachvogel - Dark

I used a really deep purple lippy for this and mixed a bit of blue eyeshadow with some vaseline for a bit of blue in the centre of my bottom lip which I bended out.

I bulked my brows out a bit and used a tawny colour on my lids

Anna Sui - Arcs

 I used a peachy shade all over the lid. I then used a grey eyeliner and drew a line just above my crease out to the end of my brow. I lined my bottom lash line with black liner and spiked my lashes with mascara.

I used a peach cream blush and highlighted my cheek, nose, and the dip in my top lip.

I used a pinky lip tint.

So, my faves were probably Vera Wang and Anna Sui. I think the line in the Anna Sui look really elongates the width of your eye and is a super pretty day look and I can't wait to wear the Vera Wang look on a night out.

I intended to try out wearable Rodarte (left) and Thakoon (right) looks too but I just didn't have the time, colours, or creativity! 

Have you been inspired by autumn/winter makeup? Would you wear any of these?

Love love

Ash xx

p.s. don't forget to enter our competition here which ends on Tuesday! The MUA green shadow would be perfect of the Philip Lim look and the NYC palette has great purples for the Vera Wang eye!


cornflakegirl said...

I love these looks, don't think I can pick a fav and they look great on you.

Rox and Ash said...

Aww thank you! Felt like a right plank posing away in front of the mirror! Bedroom door locked in case a house mate walked in! Haha!


Kerri_Jane said...

orange is a really big colour right now i love doing an orange eyeshadow :P if you ever get an orange colour you can use dont be afraid to use it, its a flattering colour when used in the right way :)

Rox and Ash said...

Thanks Kerri-Jane! I can imagine a burnt orange would look quite nice but bright orange scares me! How do you use it?

Ash xx

Kerri_Jane said...

I go for the bright orange but gradually build up the colour. an easy way to soften it up is to use a light brown in the outer corner it gives an illusion of being less bright and in your face then! Another way i wear it is go super bright and apply eyeliner in a wing gives a great dramatic look :)

Rox and Ash said...

Oooh those both sound really pretty, I may have to be brave and try it out!

Ash xx

Misseblog said...

Love these :) so pretty xx

Sharon said...

The arc look from Anna Sui is quite unique... though i doubt i can pull it off
great post :D