Thursday, 22 September 2011

A little bit of sparkle..

So..Yet again I broke another shopping ban, it seems I have zero self control when it comes to buying things. Since moving to the new apartment I have found bottle after bottle of nail varnish. How and when did I acquire so many!? And why!? Some of them were unopened, lying in the bottom of carrier bags. Anyway, I decided that September would be my "No new nail polish" month. FAIL..On Friday last week, I introduced a work colleague to 'Models Own' and we got so over excited looking at all the different colours that I let her persuade me to break my ban and bought three new colours!!!  
Look how gorgeous and sparkly the colours are..I'm in LOVE! This isn't the first time I have bought Models Own nail polishes (I went crazy during the 50% off sale last year) and I just love them, there are approximately a billion colours to choose from and they last for ages!

It was like Christmas on Tuesday when our little parcel arrived and it really brightened up our otherwise busy and stressful day. So now Friday's have now been labelled "treat day" and the plan is to order a new treat that one of us hasn't tried.  Let me know if you can recommend anything for us to try!! 
Love Love, Rox xxxx


cornflakegirl said...

They look gorgeous, I can see why you couldn't resist them.

hailey said...

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